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Promises Offers Unequalled, Professional-Specific Treatment Plans

Posted on July 12th, 2013

Promises Offers Unequalled, Professional-Specific Treatment Plans‘The challenge of being a professional [is that] you need to be the expert, you’re the go-to person, you’re the decision-maker and nobody wants their doctor to say, “Well, gee, let me call my AA sponsor and see if you have a heart condition or not.” They have to be right.’

Why do doctors, airline pilots, pharmacists, nurses, lawyers, clergy and other professionals need to be in an addiction program created just for them?

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How to Recognize a High-Functioning Alcoholic

It has been suggested that about half of alcoholics can be described as high-functioning alcoholics. These are people who maintain careers, raise a family, and have plenty of friends – all the while drinking alcoholically. These people are very adept at disguising abusive drinking and because the outer trappings of their lives indicate success, they tend to have strong denial about the problem.

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