Why do Recovering Addicts Stop Attending Drug Rehab?

It is not uncommon to hear of addicts having a relapse after one, five or even ten years into their recovery process, according to Psych Central. There are endless reasons why patients stop attending their drug rehab meetings or programs.

One of them is simply that they quit going to the meetings because they felt well enough on their own. Below are some of the other most common reasons recovering addicts stop going to meetings:

  • They feel they don't need meetings anymore
  • The other people in the meetings make them feel uncomfortable
  • They become "too busy"
  • They do not have transportation
  • They don't have any religious beliefs and may be turned off by others spiritual beliefs
  • They are embarrassed
  • They don't want to rely on meetings their entire life

There is a general recommendation that a recovering addict should attend their drug rehab meetings daily for the first 90 days of their recovery. It is important to attend five meetings a week at least for the first year you are recovering. It is also good to attend two or three a day during especially stressful times in your life.

Once you are through the first year of recovery it is still important for an addict to attend as many meetings as possible. Addicts need to know that relapse is simply not predictable and it doesn't necessarily mean you are doomed for relapse if you cannot attend meetings.

People's needs do change as time passes and what worked for you your first year may not work for you in year ten. Changes in your drug rehab recovery program can be made throughout it as your needs change.

However, those addicts who stop attending too quickly or take recovery for granted can't say the recovery program doesn't work. It works if you keep working at it and it is an ongoing process.

Posted on April 15th, 2012
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