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Some of the Biggest Relapse Triggers Can be the Least Expected

The recovery process can be a tricky one. A recent medical article talked about the top five common relapse triggers that are the least expected. While some of them might seem obvious others are quite surprising, but they all have one thing in common. They all show how the recovery process can be a long journey.

Typical triggers could be a death in the family, financial woes or even a bad day at work. Stress and headache are two of the common factors attributed to relapses. But what about the happy times? Dr. David Sack suggests that even in good times there are triggers. Relationships and sex are top on the list. Sobriety takes a certain amount of focus and many therapists will recommend avoiding dating for a few months when recovering from addiction. New relationships can create a false sense of stability so when there is a breakup, individuals will turn back to drugs or alcohol to cope. They can also find a "high" through the fluttering of a new relationship or even sex. This can trigger not only a relapse but the onset of other addictions.

Promotions, a new job and over confidence are easy traps for a recovering addict. Good news at the office can often be synonymous with celebration and drinking or using drugs. This coupled with a recovering addict's boosted confidence are a recipe for disaster. The idea that a recovering alcoholic can have just one drink is not realistic. Many former addicts can come to point where they feel their addiction wasn't that bad. This leads to poor choices of not completing their therapy or 12-step programs.

Posted on February 22nd, 2012
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