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The Dangers of Drug Muling

Drug mules are people paid to smuggle illegal drugs across borders. Cocaine is the drug most strongly associated with drug muling, but meth, heroin and club drugs are all possible cargo as well.
Cocaine for Drug Muling

Addicts are not necessarily the ones who act as drug mules. Drug mules are usually interested in the price tag associated with transporting contraband, and feel like they have little to lose if caught. However, drug muling is a dangerous practice, and people who do it could end up losing the most important thing they have: their life.

Physical Dangers of Drug Muling

Cocaine and other drugs can be smuggled in suitcases and other vehicles, or they can be hidden within the body.

Cocaine is commonly packaged in latex and then swallowed in “capsules.” If the package bursts once it is inside a person’s body, they can suffer a fatal overdose. There is also a possibility of the drug capsules becoming stuck in the intestines. An intestinal blockage is a medical emergency and requires surgery to correct, at which point the individual will certainly be caught and turned over to the authorities for smuggling drugs.

The packages themselves are quite large, and swallowing them can be a choking hazard. But here’s the real kicker: let’s say a person has successfully gotten on a plane without the drug capsules being detected on any scans. It’s a long flight. What happens if the capsules pass through their system in the airplane lavatory? If the drug mule doesn’t want to get in trouble for stealing from the big boss, they have to re-ingest the packages.

That introduces a whole new aspect of potential bodily harm caused by drug muling: viruses and bacteria. It also points out how desperate some people are to practice drug muling in the first place.

Other Dangers of Drug Muling

Of course, drug smuggling is associated with unspeakable violence, and there is always the possibility of angering the wrong person if something goes wrong while a drug mule is transporting the contraband. Drug mules could face jail time, have their passports revoked, or face other judicial repercussions. In short, don’t do it.


Posted on March 13th, 2017
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