Treatment for Xanax Addiction

Now that you've read about the Dangers and Misuse of Xanax, how do you treat Xanax addiction?If relapse is a real concern and risk with withdrawal from the drug, how does anyone ever get past the cravings and learn how to live their life free of Xanax? The answer lies in effective treatment.

With proper drug rehab, consisting first of detoxification and then with effective treatment that takes into account the physical and psychological components of the disease, individuals can go on to live a healthy, happy, productive and drug-free life.

Individual and group counseling form the core of the treatment approach, working to help the recovering addict overcome his or her psychological addiction to the drug. The patient also needs to learn about solutions they can use to help maintain their desired drug-free lifestyle. Counseling, therefore, does much more than just focus on the symptoms of addiction to Xanax. It also works to help change the individual's behaviors and gives them tools to better deal with recurring cravings and urges to use.

Following Treatment

Of course, just going through drug rehab for Xanax addiction doesn't guarantee that the recovering addict will remain drug-free. There's simply no guarantee that anyone will experience a 100 percent recovery right off the bat. Some individuals go back and forth, winding up in drug rehab a couple or more times before they finally "get it" and feel more self-confident in their ability to remain drug-free.

This is where aftercare or continuing care comes in. the individual takes advantage of continued access to counseling during the so-called aftercare phase of the drug rehab program.

Another critical element of the recovering Xanax addict's post-treatment phase involves the development of and participation in 12-step groups.

Through the combination of continued therapy and 12-step group meetings, recovering Xanax addicts are better able to put into practice the coping and proactive strategies they learned about during treatment and to gain more confidence in their ability to remain drug-free.

What to Do if You're on the Fence

What if you suspect that your use of Xanax has crossed the line from necessary to abuse? What should you do? Only you know your body and how far from normal your current reactions are. Only you know the full extent that you find yourself craving the drug and what type of signs of potential addiction you may have.

Most of all, however, if you believe you may have a problem with misuse or abuse of Xanax, the best thing you can do for yourself is to seek help. The sooner you get help to overcome your dependence on the drug, the sooner you will be able to resume your life without the yo-yo cycle of addiction.

Remember that drug rehab can help you kick your dependence on Xanax and show you how to maintain a drug-free lifestyle in recovery. It does require a commitment on your part to doing what it takes to learn how to change your behavior and take action to work on your recovery day by day, but it can be done. You can live your life without being hampered by Xanax addiction.

The question is, are you ready to do so?

Posted on April 5th, 2012
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