Drug Detox During Pregnancy

Posted on May 24th, 2012

Drug use negatively impacts lives beyond that of the user. This is never truer than when a woman addicted to drugs becomes pregnant. Even though her drug use has serious harmful effects for her unborn child, pregnant women addicted to drugs sometimes avoid drug detox. Although the woman’s fears about drug detox may be understandable, many of them are not based on facts.

Seeking Treatment Will Not Lead to Being Judged

Women who become pregnant while addicted to drugs may avoid drug detox and rehab because they are afraid they will be judged when, in fact, the opposite is true. The pregnant addict who refuses help puts her child in tremendous danger while the one who seeks out treatment is demonstrating unselfish love and concern for her child’s well-being. Entering drug detox will earn the drug-addicted mother respect, not judgment.

Drug Detox Can Be Handled Skillfully and Withdrawal Managed Safely

A second reason why a pregnant drug user may hesitate to enter treatment is her fear about what withdrawal will be like for her during drug detox. Pregnancy is a time when women experience lots of uncertainty anyway – but whether or not to end addiction does not have to be part of that experience. Mothers who continue abusing drugs during pregnancy run the risk of birth defects, lifelong health challenges for their child, or the likelihood that they will give birth to a child with his or her own drug dependency. Pregnant drug users should know that professional drug detox and treatment centers are fully prepared to help them through the challenges of drug recovery. Ridding your body of all drug toxins can be a safe and fear-free process when it is done in a supervised environment that understands a pregnant mother’s unique health issues and knows how to manage them during detox.

It is Never Too Late To Make the Right Decision About Ending Drug Use

One lie that drug addicts face regularly is the false assumption that they can never get past their addiction. Perhaps the person has tried stopping on their own and has failed. The fact is that plenty of recovered addicts experienced relapses along the way. Furthermore, the odds that you will succeed in your recovery efforts greatly improve when you attempt to start a new life of sobriety in a supportive environment where you will be given new skills for handling cravings and recognizing what triggers the desire to use drugs. Following drug detox, treatment usually includes a combination of one-on-one and group counseling, proven 12 step recovery methods, education about addiction and aftercare support networks. Motherhood will present all kinds of new circumstances and being drug-free means that women will be better prepared for personal and parental success.

If you are pregnant and are living with drug addiction, talk about it with your physician and decide sooner rather than later to begin your life free of drugs. It isn’t too late for you or your baby.

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