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Moms Addicted to Adderall

The pressure to be a highly successful multi-tasking mother, wife, and employee has driven some moms to steal drugs from their own children and fall into a spiral of addiction. Many women have admitted to using their child's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medication, Adderall, to help them keep up their energy and feel good about the work they can accomplish.

Women admit that in order to feed their addiction, they have stolen from their children and lied to their doctors to get more pills. Unfortunately for many, one little pick-me-up pill led to one every week, every day, or every hour or progressed into more serious addictions with other illegal drugs.

Between 2002 and 2010, pharmacies saw a 750 percent increase in women, ages 26 to 39, who have been prescribed Adderall, a drug commonly used for ADHD. But women like Betsy Degree, a mother of four children, didn't have ADHD. She obtained the prescription for her son and then some extra for herself. Betsy shared her story with ABC News of how taking one of her son's pills began an addiction that destroyed her job and almost her family.

Many reported to ABC News that they took Adderall to help them cope with the stress of getting all of home and life's tasks accomplished. Some reported that they could stay up late and clean the house, get dinner on the table on time, and get tasks done more quickly. They said that it made them feel good and that they could manage things more efficiently.

Other women saw a perk in it that it also helped them lose weight-a double dose of help. They looked better, felt better, and felt they were getting their life in order for their family. But as these women were feeling immediately relieved from stress and better about their accomplishments, their mind and body began craving more Adderall.

Degree admitted that she saw such great effects from it at first that she kept taking it. After a while, when she would make herself refuse the pills she would suffer severe fatigue and did not have energy to accomplish anything. The drug that once enabled her to get things done began to inhibit her. She felt the only way to keep going and avoid the crash was to keep taking them.

When Degree's doctor refused to prescribe her family any more Adderall, she found another dangerous way to feed her addiction. She began taking meth. She admits to locking herself in her bedroom and taking it all day and night-she couldn't stop.

Adderall is so highly addictive that many women find themselves suffering from problems like strokes and seizures and wind up in the emergency room. And both working moms and stay-at-home moms can suffer from Adderall addiction.

Nurse Joani Gammil was once addicted to Adderall and was taking so many that she had to go to the emergency room when her addiction went out of control. Gammil said that she had read a book on how to lie to her doctor in order to get more drugs. In fact, some women use websites to find scripted excuses to persuade their doctors into giving them more pills.

Degree lost her job and nearly her family, while Gammil ended up in an emergency room from an overdose. Both Degree and Gammil are now using their difficult experiences to help other women who struggle with substance abuse.

Posted on September 5th, 2012
Posted in Women

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