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5 Must-Dos Before Hosting a Holiday Party

5 Must-Dos Before Hosting a Holiday PartyThe holiday frenzy is upon us and party hosts are busy putting together lists of must-have ingredients for entertaining family and friends. But before you get caught up in all the tasking, here are five must-dos to pay particular attention to before hosting your next holiday event:
  1. Lock Up All Medications

Since you won’t be present in every room while your holiday party is underway, why take the chance that some partygoer may snoop in your medicine cabinet or help themselves to prescription medications? Temptation may just be too great for some, especially those with a habit to feed or teens looking for a little excitement or some extra money from peddling opiate painkillers or other inviting substances of abuse. Guests popping a few pills they find lying around after having several cocktails is a recipe for disaster. The best prevention is to lock up every prescription drug (and even over-the-counter medications) out of sight.

  1. Serve Plenty of Alcohol-Free Punch

What’s a holiday party without the traditional punch bowl? If it’s red and filled with ice cubes, who know if it’s booze-free. Your guests will be in a festive mood, so do them a favor and serve plenty of un-spiked punch this holiday season. Look up sober punch recipes on the Internet or make up your own. It’s good to be sober this time of the year, and your party guests will thank you when they’re able to drive home without the risk of being under the influence.

  1. Plan Lots of Games

An excellent way to entertain your guests is to have games for them to play that involve a lot of interaction and less time for tipping back drinks. If games aren’t really your thing, start a lively discussion that will keep guests on their toes and eager to participate. Just watch out for hot-potato topics like politics and religion and stick to more palatable subjects like entertainment, sports, the weather, best holiday gift, and how about this: What are you most thankful for this holiday season? There’s a topic everyone can say something about.

  1. Lay Out a Healthy Bounty on the Buffet Table

Encourage your holiday guests to load up a plateful of healthy holiday food. Steer clear of decadent, calorie- and sugar-rich desserts and go for equally delightful tasting but much healthier versions of the same. The temptation to go overboard and eat far beyond what’s necessary can happen easily, especially when fueled with alcohol as a chaser. With some creative thinking, you’ll be able to come up with many alternatives to super-rich holiday foods so your guests can enjoy the holiday table without feeling guilty afterwards. Don’t feel like cooking? Have the holiday meal catered by an organic catering company.

  1. Hire a Chauffeur

In the event that one or more of your party guests has had more than their legal limit of alcohol, a good way to ensure they get safely home is to hire a chauffeur or limo for the evening and insist they take you up on your offer, and guests will get a big kick out of this “special service.” Granted, this is an additional expense, but it’s worth it to know that an intoxicated driver isn’t getting behind the wheel after your party.

By Suzanne Kane

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