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Are You Addicted to Drama?

If you watch any reality television, you know that drama is in vogue. What is drama? Drama is people overreacting, getting in fights, betraying each other, gossiping, stirring the pot and much more. You can be a drama queen causing all the chaos, or you can be someone who always gets sucked into it and gets lost in the whirlwind of your friends’ so-called drama. If you are always in the maelstrom of dramatic situations, does it mean you just attract this kind of energy, or are you addicted to drama?

Why Does Everything Bad Happen to Me?

If you find yourself asking this question regularly, you might be hooked on drama. Sure, some people have bad luck, but those of us not addicted to drama just deal with bad situations. We might bring in a close friend or some family members to help us out, but we don’t proclaim our problems all over social media in order to get more attention.

Gossip Is My Favorite Pastime

Another sign you may be addicted to drama is how much you gossip and how much enjoyment you get from it. We’re taught from a young age not to gossip, but to some degree it is a natural behavior. We need to know what is going on in our social group to reinforce bonds and to understand how to behave and interact. You can go too far with gossip, though. If you are constantly gossiping and you do it because you feel terrible not being in the center of things and getting attention because you have the latest information, you’re getting high on the drama.

Be Rational? What’s That?

When something goes wrong in your life, no matter how small, do you tend to panic and overreact? You didn’t get that promotion at work that you wanted, and you’re suddenly sure that your coworker who did get it and your boss conspired against you. It couldn’t possibly be that your coworker was more qualified and put in more hours on the job to get that promotion, right? Simple situations become overwrought and you make mountains out of molehills because you thrive on the drama.

Histrionic Personality Disorder

If you’ve read this far and you see yourself in these descriptions, maybe you have also noticed a common thread: drama addiction is all about attention-seeking behaviors. There isn’t really such a thing as a drama addiction, but thriving on attention and needing that attention may be at the root of a personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder to be specific. Only a trained professional can make a diagnosis, of course, but here are some signs of the disorder:

  • You need to be the center of attention
  • You emotions change quickly and you may seem shallow to some people
  • You are overly dramatic
  • You are seriously concerned with your appearance
  • You are very sensitive to the criticism of others
  • You blame disappointments and failures in your life on other people
  • You always look for approval from others

You may be diagnosable as having histrionic personality disorder, which comes off a lot like being addicted to drama. On the other hand, you may just be a little more attention-seeking than the average person. If these kinds of behaviors are impacting your life in negative ways or you just want to change your life and your attitude, look for a good mental health professional to assess you. Working with a therapist can help you learn to ditch the drama and turn over a new, more relaxed leaf.

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