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Choosing a Rehab Center Out of Your Natural Element: Spotlight on Malibu

Promises Malibu

Location, location, location! The three most important factors in choosing a property to buy can also factor into choosing a rehab center for alcohol or drug addiction treatment, especially if the location will enhance your overall recovery experience.

Thanks to several films and television shows featuring Malibu, California, this coastal community — a playground of the rich and famous — has become a popular destination for people seeking luxury rehab treatment at a premier Malibu rehab center.

Malibu Rehab: A Beautiful Destination Plus Excellent Results

When choosing an addiction treatment center for yourself or a loved one, does the destination make a difference? Of course! But location is not the most important factor. Whether you are considering a Malibu rehab or other options, the most important factor is a successful outcome — effective treatment and psychosocial training in the tools needed to sustain lasting recovery. A beautiful location just enhances and enriches the process.

You’ll want to make sure the Malibu rehab center you choose uses research-driven, evidence-based treatments, and is staffed with trained and experienced care providers who guide and support you through programs that get great results. You’ll also want to make sure the facility offers thorough clinical assessment, a range of therapies, recovery approaches and relapse-prevention strategies that can be customized to your individual needs to support your recovery. Will an addiction counselor work with you to develop an individualized aftercare plan for you to use post-treatment? Does the rehab center accept your insurance, and/or will they work with you on some different payment options (especially if your preferred location isn’t fully covered by insurance)?

Once you can confidently tick off those boxes, consider the rehab center’s location and the amenities and highlights it has to offer.

Why Malibu? Spending time in a serene hillside retreat overlooking the ocean minimizes the temptation to leave your program early and head home as soon as the going gets rough. Rehab is never easy, but you are more likely to stick it out if you’re soothed by daily views of the sun setting over the Pacific, refreshed by dips in the swimming pool or Jacuzzi and revived by the salt air in the ocean breeze.

Famous for originating the Malibu Model of treatment, which tailors treatment to match each unique individual, clients of residential programs at Promises Malibu rehab enjoy gourmet meals and therapeutic activities in a comfortable upscale home setting. Daily schedules are varied to suit a range of client needs, but typically include individual and group counseling, physical exercise, experiential therapies, and sessions on addiction-related issues like shame resilience and relapse prevention, among others. Staff also organize mountain hikes and beach walks, and plenty of breaks for clients to enjoy a game of tennis on the private court or some quiet reflection in the surrounding gardens, free from the stressors of daily life.

Clients at Promises Malibu rehab build recovery skills by meeting with alumni who have successfully completed the treatment program. These meetings are alternated with off-campus trips to community 12-step meetings for additional recovery networking and support. Weekly scheduling also includes evening social activities like game night, and family visitation weekends to facilitate healing in family relationships.

Rehab Far From Home Keeps You Committed, Provides a Fresh Outlook

Choosing an addiction rehab center in a beautiful, tranquil setting outside your local area is a great opportunity for you to escape the triggers of your home turf and get out of your natural element. Receiving addiction treatment in a scenic location can also be a great way for you to gain new perspective, focus on the recovery process, enjoy some “me time” and prepare yourself to make a fresh start into a sober lifestyle. Many alumni describe their Malibu rehab experience as transformative.

“It was a very wonderful, comfortable and luxurious treatment center,” reports one program alumna. “The food was great and the grounds were beautiful. I loved my group sessions and the recovery support meetings. I also appreciated the freedom we got. I was blown away by my whole experience. Thank You!”

Posted on October 19th, 2017

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