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Dr. David Sack of Promises in the Media

This week David Sack, M.D., CEO of Promises Treatment Centers was for his expertise by a number of media outlets. Because Promises has been treating addiction for more than 20 years, reporters often seek comment on stories related to addiction, compulsive behavior, and treatment.

On Monday, Dr. Sack appeared on ABC Evening News with Diane Sawyer to discuss setting financial limits with children who are using drugs. On Friday he appeared on Fox 11 News in Los Angeles to discuss sexual addiction. Many media outlets were covering the public apology by Tiger Woods so there was significant coverage related to the issue of sexual compulsivity.  Earlier this week, Dr. Sack was interviewed by Time Magazine for an article on doctors who over-prescribe prescription medications to celebrities.

The Los Angeles times quote Dr. Sack in the Friday edition: //,0,1214109.story

As a dual-diagnosis treatment center, Promises has expertise in the treatment of sexual addiction.

Posted on February 20, 2010 and modified on April 28, 2019

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