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Drug Rehab or Outpatient Treatment?

Drug rehab often sounds intimidating to people. If you are suffering from addiction you might resist the idea of going to drug rehab for a number of reasons. The most common objections to going to a drug rehab program are:

I can’t be away from home for 30 days
I’m not that bad
I have to run my business
I am not like those people

Usually by the time someone is investigating drug rehabs or it has been suggested they do so they have developed some serious problems with drugs or alcohol. Frankly, no one suggests the idea of going to drug rehab if you have a minor issue with substance abuse.

Because drug addiction is a progressive disease, things will only get worse from here. The question you have to ask yourself is this: if I do not get professional addiction treatment will I risk my family, my job, or my business? Chances are you are already seeing the impact of your substance abuse on these aspects of your life. If you get help now, you can begin repairing any damage you have already caused.

Sometimes being away from home is the best choice. The triggers, influences, and stresses that make it difficult to quit drugs or alcohol on your own make it extremely difficult to build a foundation of recovery in your familiar environment. A residential drug rehab gives you an opportunity to focus on your addiction and its underlying causes. You build a tool kit to take home with you that will help you avoid situations or resist temptations that could lead you back to drugs or alcohol.

Most people in a drug rehab like Promises are high achievers with great potential for future success – but alcohol and drugs are stalling their achievement or undermining future progress. You will find people at Promises who are very similar to you. Many are leaders in their fields and highly successful achievers. They have one other thing in common: alcohol or drugs have become looming problems that impact their interpersonal relationships and their careers. Many are high-functioning alcoholics or addicts who have been able to hide their substance abuse, but they are beginning to show cracks in their façade of normalcy. They know it’s only a matter of time before others recognize that they have a problem and begin to question their judgment.

Drug rehab is the right choice for these people. They understand that unless they address their addiction, things will only deteriorate.

Outpatient treatment is an option for some people, but it’s critical you find a robust program. It can be difficult to find a local program where you will feel comfortable because you may not be with peers. Outpatient treatment is only appropriate for people who have relatively high psychosocial functioning and who have a stable support system at home.

In the end, the choice should be based on what will give you the best chance of long-term recovery. If you are considering a residential drug rehab, we encourage you to call Promises today to find out if it is the right rehab for you.


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