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Get the Real Facts About Teen Drug Abuse

Whether you have a teenaged son or daughter, you are a teacher of high school-aged youngsters or you are simply a concerned adult member of society, you should be aware of the problem of teens and drugs. Teen drug abuse facts are troubling and disturbing, especially if you never considered the issue before, but it is important to know about them. Only when you understand the facts can you work toward change. As a parent, you can help educate and influence your teen to make good choices. You can do the same as a teacher, and any adult can participate in prevention and education campaigns to help spare young lives from a grim future with drugs.
teenage drug use facts

Adolescent Teen Drug Use Statistics

If you don’t know anything about teens and how much they experiment with drugs, you might be surprised by the facts. More teens are using drugs than you may have realized. If you are a parent, the facts will be especially troubling, but burying your head in the sand and ignoring the issue doesn’t help. Even if you truly believe that your teen would never use drugs, you need to know the truth. Some of the best students and most ambitious and active teens have experimented with drug use.

More than 60 percent of high school students say that they know of drugs being kept, sold or used in their school. Access is not a problem for today’s teens. If they want to try drugs, they know where to get them. And what are teens using? Their drug of choice is marijuana, with 15 percent of eighth-graders having tried it at least once. By their senior year of high school, nearly half of young people have used this drug.

Stats on teenage drug use also tell us that teens are also using synthetic marijuana products, ecstasy, hallucinogens and prescription drugs. Among prescriptions, narcotic painkillers and those used for ADHD are most common. The consequences of this experimentation are serious. Teens are overdosing on prescription painkillers, getting addicted to various drugs and suffering from low academic performance due to seemingly harmless marijuana use.

What You Can Do

One of the biggest issues with teen drug use is that too many young people are ignorant of the serious consequences of drug abuse. For instance, many turn to prescription drugs to abuse because they falsely assume that drugs prescribed by a doctor are safe. Teens also take a relaxed attitude toward marijuana use without realizing how this drug can harm them. Most people who become addicted to marijuana started using it as teenagers. As an adult, you can help by educating teens. Teens whose parents talk to them about drugs are less likely to experiment. The facts about teens and drugs are scary, especially if you have teens in your life. Do what you can to help them by spreading awareness and offering your support and your time where it is needed.

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