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Holistic Rehab

When you are ready to live a life free of drug addiction and begin to look for treatment you will discover that your options are many. There are in-patient and out-patients treatment centers. There are gender-specific facilities and those which specialize in treating dual-diagnosis patients. One other possibility is to search out a treatment center which offers holistic rehab.

Unlike facilities which offer medications to ease patients through the difficulties of detox, a holistic rehab center will use non-medicinal alternative strategies for helping to detoxify the body. But a holistic approach to rehab doesn't only address the body; because you are more than just a body, it will also serve the needs of a recovering mind and spirit.

The Body

At its most basic, holistic rehab means sans drugs, but the philosophy includes much more than a medicine-free environment. Proper nutrition is also an important element of whole person rehab. Facilities which offer holistic treatment often prepare meals free of additives and chemicals but rich in brain-feeding nutrients. Vitamin therapy is also a staple. Addiction frequently leads to poor eating habits with many patients entering rehab with depleted health and an over-wrought immune system. Eating a healthful diet and receiving key vitamins and minerals is a natural way to counteract the ill effects of drug abuse.

Rehab includes many changes and major life changes are often accompanied by a mild depression. However, regular exercise releases mood-enhancing chemicals which can keep the blues of change at bay. For this reason, holistic rehab always promotes exercise along with other natural methods for handling stress. Meditation, acupuncture, steam baths and massage are just a few of these sorts of non-medicinal strategies.

The Mind

So much of addiction is connected to how a person thinks. Learning to recognize how the thought life influences attitudes and behaviors is at the core of recovery and change. Holistic rehab will offer venues for replacing negative thought habits with more healthful positive ones because the inner and outer person are part of a single, whole you.

The Spirit

A 12-Step program has a proven track record of success in helping patients turn their backs on addiction and their faces toward a brighter future. At the center of every 12-Step program is the truth that everyone needs help from outside of themselves in order to make lasting changes. When a person accepts that life is about more than the immediate moment and circumstances and everyone has a role to play on the larger stage, then true significance and purpose are found. Making healthy changes becomes part of something bigger and hope-filled.

People are more than just a body. They are a wonderful blend of that inner and outer person. Drug addiction affected every part of your person and so each part needs healing. Holistic rehab may not be the right choice for everyone, but it does a wonderful job of re-discovering the complexity of personhood and offering recovery to each part.

Posted on May 23rd, 2012

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