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Holistic Strategies Can Lead to Addiction Healing

Holistic Strategies Can Lead to Addiction HealingThere are many ways to treat a drug addiction, with one of the most effective being rehabilitation in a treatment center. Attempting to get clean in this way is crucial for an addict, but adding in other beneficial healing strategies can help and should be utilized as counterparts to a physical treatment option like rehab.


One holistic strategy to consider is a simple but very important one. Your mind is where all of your thoughts and decisions begin, so if you begin to focus on making good choices instead of bad ones and attempt to keep a positive attitude, you could potentially steer your thoughts away from negative influences and choices. Reading is a good way to exercise your mind and distract you when staying clean gets difficult. Ultimately, you can potentially trick yourself out of getting drunk or high by elevating your thoughts and aiming to think positively.


Having a healthy mind is imperative, but so is having a healthy body. Physical exercise is imperative to your healing process. If you have struggled over the years with drugs and alcohol, your body has felt the effects of that struggle as well. Adding healthy activities you enjoy back into your daily life can do wonders.


The core of your being is just as important as your physical body. Your soul needs some healing too, as drugs and alcohol tends to affect this area the most. You have to rediscover your core, and nourish it with affirmation, positivity, gratitude and self-love. Finding time to meditate is a good start, even if all you can muster is 10-15 minutes a week. As you let the silence surround you, allow yourself to listen to the thoughts that come to you. You can attempt this practice on your own, or if it makes you uncomfortable or antsy at first, look online for guided sessions or at a rehab center for group sessions.

Making all three parts of your being work together for good is the ultimate goal. If you are working to improve your mind, body, and soul, the three will come together eventually and move as one.

Choose to take time every day to find your center, to listen to the elements that make you up, the ones that need to heal. Be kind to yourself. This won't be easy, but it will be doable. Healing is possible, in and out of rehab, and there are many holistic ways to reach it. Start with concentrating on your mind, body, and spirit and let the healing process begin.

Posted on July 4th, 2014

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