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How Nutrition Can Aid In Addiction Recovery

There’s a lot to be said for the role of nutrition during addiction treatment. It reaches beyond simply correcting nutrient deficiencies and ensuring that the brain and body are properly fueled for recovery. Proper nutrition, and development of a healthy relationship with food, play essential roles in helping regulate energy and neurotransmitter levels, managing cravings, and reaching or maintaining a healthy weight.
ALCOHOL AND DRUG ADDICTION AFFECT MORE THAN JUST THE BRAIN. Addiction takes a toll on the physical body by weakening the immune system, triggering irregular eating habits, promoting lack of exercise and other destructive lifestyles, and causing vitamin and mineral deficiencies.The most common nutrient deficiencies from alcohol addiction are pyridoxine (vitamin B6), thiamine, and folic acid. A lack of these causes anemia and nervous system (neurologic) problems. Alcohol intoxication also damages two vital organs, the liver and the pancreas, resulting in an imbalance of fluids, calories, protein, and electrolytes. Nutritional foods provide the body with energy and a chance for the body to crave things other than drugs and/or alcohol.

Education about maintaining a balanced diet can help clients lead healthier lives. The goal at Promises Austin is to teach clients who, by replacing old cravings with new ones, can learn about managing cravings during their addiction treatment. Without a balanced lifestyle, it can be difficult to manage stress and tempting to fall into addiction relapse.

At Promises Austin, guests receive a combination of weekly registered dietitian-led nutrition education sessions, individualized nutrition consultations, and exposure to a wide variety of fresh and nutrient-rich foods prepared by Promises Austin chefs. This empowers guests with the knowledge and skills to properly nourish their bodies and cultivate a healthy relationship with food during treatment and beyond.

Through the Culinary Services offered at Promises Austin, guests can learn skills in the kitchen with gourmet cooking classes offered weekly as part of our holistic treatment approach. Renowned chefs put on an entertaining show while teaching how to prepare meals from the finest, freshest ingredients to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We know that when clients take care of their physical health, they feel better. This is one aspect of recovery that shows guests that sobriety can be fun. The sooner loved ones seek treatment, the sooner they can take steps forward. Call us at 888.293.2202 or apply online for more information today.

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