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One in Five People Has an Anxiety Disorder

One in Five People Has an Anxiety DisorderIt might be surprising for you to learn that many of your fellow Americans battle against feelings of anxiety, but it’s true. Around 40 million of your friends, family members and neighbors have a significant amount of anxiety.

In fact, one out of every five Americans has a diagnosable anxiety disorder. Thankfully, not only are anxiety disorders common, they are also very treatable.

Anxiety disorders are so prevalent that recognizing them and encouraging treatment has become newsworthy. Social phobia or the paralyzing fear of doing something wrong in front of others is the most frequently experienced form of anxiety disorder.

While nearly everyone feels nervous before giving a speech or performing publicly in some way, those with social phobia feel anxious about doing even the simplest things in front of another person. Eating, drinking, driving a car or just attending a social gathering can be cause for serious anxiety.

Other common anxiety disorders include obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder and stress disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder. These are less common and should not be self-diagnosed, but can be determined with a high degree of certainty by a mental health professional.

Most people with an anxiety disorder realize that their concerns are disproportionate to their situation but they feel helpless to combat their overwhelming fear. The good news is that not only can anxiety disorders be readily diagnosed, they also respond well to treatment.

Anxiety disorders respond well when patients learn how to take control of their own thought patterns. Counseling that teaches a person to think in a healthier vein and gives instruction on simple relaxation techniques is highly successful. Sometimes antidepressants may be prescribed and with them patients can begin to feel better in as little as a few weeks.

Posted on July 1st, 2013
Posted in Anxiety

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