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Singing Bowl Helps Phoenix Addict in Addiction Recovery Process

crystal signing bowl - Sundance Addiction RecoveryInside a large circle at The Sundance Center, a 24-inch Australian crystal-singing bowl sits atop a cream-colored 6-inch rubber O-ring. Sitting next to the bowl with a 6-inch suede mallet in his hand is a substance abuse instructor who is about to begin a healing session with one of his clients – a newly enrolled crystal meth addict still coming down from using the drug less than 24 hours ago. The paranoid meth addict knows he wants to get clean, but he has trouble staying focused with a racing mind and hyperactivity. As the lights are dimmed and the guests closes his eyes with his arms out-stretched, the instructor brings the crystal bowl alive by gently stroking it with the mallet.

Suddenly, a drone-like sound emanates from the bowl and slowly begins to fill the room and the circle in which the men sit. The frequency of this sounds ebbs and flows, while transmitting a calming energy. The Sundance Center guest unclenches his fists and turns his palms upward. With a less tense countenance and waning jitters, the crystal meth addict appears to come down from his high at the end of the 3-minute crystal-singing bowl session. “I have never felt anything like this before,” he said. “I felt an energy or something like a spirit slowly going through my body. I saw lots of soft white light and other positive images floating in my space. With my eyes closed, it was almost like getting a vision of what the word peace truly means.”

The instructor shook his head with satisfaction – knowing that his client was now in a better space and ready to move on to his group therapy session. The client’s experience resulted from the crystal bowl’s vibration and frequency minimizing the high-pitch vibration that the client initially brought into the room. What the energy of the crystal singing bowl did was to lower the negative vibration the client was originally throwing off. As the frequency from the bowl picked up on this it adjusted itself in order to counter the client’s initial high vibration.

The bottom line with using the crystal-singing bowl is to help settle the mind of the guests who need it… so that they may begin their recovery program with less anxiety and a clearer mind.

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