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Substance Abuse a Growing Problem Among Middle Aged & People

A typical day for a middle-aged parent is many times made up from a long list of tiring activities including taking the children to school, picking them up and immediately taking them to soccer practice, and returning home to make dinner for the family. The long and tedious hours that come with days like this can be very daunting on a person’s social well-being, which can lead to certain self-medicating actions such as heavy drinking, and drug use.A misconception among many people today is that the majority of people that die from substance abuse overdoses are under the age of 20. According to a report by the Drug Abuse Warning Network, more than half of overdose deaths were among 34 to 54 year olds in 2003 and that number has undoubtedly increased since. But why the change? Maybe it’s because of all the pressure an adult feels from different social situations. Take for instance the pressures one may feel from their occupation. There are a number of people who work 50-60 hours per week, which in turn can put a tremendous amount of stress onto their already heavy plate filled with family and personal duties. This added stress is often a reason that many middle-aged people turn to substance abuse, especially in the areas of alcohol and prescription drugs.

Another popular reason for substance abuse among the middle-aged crowd is divorce. According to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, roughly around 50% of first marriages end in divorce. Many men and women who go through this hardship turn to outside sources to help subside the pain, and often times that means abusing alcohol and drug related substances. This type of situation can be completely damaging to a person’s emotional well being, and often leads to other social detachments such as losing friends, family members and even a job.

The reasons as to why the amount of middle-aged people abusing illegal substances has increased over recent years could go on and on, but thankfully there are a great amount of alcohol and drug recovery centers available all over the nation offering helpful services for those struggling with substance abuse. If you know of a family member or friend who is struggling with substance abuse and you live in or around Austin, TX, Promises Austin is the a beautiful private estate whose main goal is to help people who are suffering from addictions get healthy. Because after all, getting healthy and bringing happiness back into someone’s life is a very rewarding experience and could ultimately save his or her life.

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