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The 21st Century Solution – Holistic Drug Rehab

Expressive therapies use the arts and the addict’s expression of himself or herself through them. Where treatment for alcohol- and drug-dependence is concerned, there is no “one size fits all” template – at least no successful one. Every addict has a unique history and is party to a unique evolutionary process that has transformed him or her from someone living a relatively healthy life into a person prone to self-destructive behavior.Consequently, effective treatment facilities craft unique programs that address the needs of each individual seeking help. As research reveals increasing evidence that “convention” does not always breed “success,”, drug treatment professionals are, not only thinking outside the box, they’re creating new boxes altogether.

A recent article on chronicled a “next generation” mindset that began to shape 21st Century treatment options. Today, the programs producing the most successful results tend to address the development of the whole person, as opposed to just attacking an addiction.

By incorporating curriculum options such as “expressive therapy,” “body therapy,” and “recreational therapy,” effective alcohol- and drug-abuse treatment facilities change the sum of the person, while addressing the various parts of an addictive lifestyle.

Expressive therapies use the arts and the addict’s expression of himself or herself through them. Programs incorporate drawing, painting, drama, expressive writing, and music to help the addict express emotions in a creative and positive way.

Body therapy uses acupuncture, yoga, massage, martial arts, and nutritional means to help an addict become healthy – and thus better equipped to overcome substance abuse.

Recreational therapy puts the addict in a setting where he or she can literally “exercise” some of the demons that have helped lead to substance abuse. Activities can take place outdoors or inside.  What matters is that the addict becomes involved in challenging or relaxing healthy endeavors that replace choices made previously.

One of the pioneers in this treatment revolution, Promises Austin is committed to creating a uniquely adapted treatment episode for each guest. Each plan is tailored to meet the physical, mental, emotional, family, and spiritual needs of the individual.

Promises Austin’s caring, professional staff is prepared to address practically every issue involved in drug treatment including intervention, evaluation, medical detox, Suboxone® treatment, long-term treatment (via 35- and 60-day programs), family counseling, recovery coaching, recovery fitness, spiritual care, and aftercare.

The key to Promises Austin’s success, however, lies in how these disciplines are addressed. Set in a serene, spa-like facility and featuring an array of revolutionary holistic treatment alternatives, Promises Austin doesn’t simply address addiction; it creates an environment for lasting change for each of our guests.

To learn about the unique Promises Austin experience, please visit our website,, or call us at 888.899.0369> to discuss how we might help you or a loved one overcome alcohol dependence or drug addiction at our state-of-the-art rehab center.

Posted on March 20th, 2013

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