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holistic drug rehab in TexasHolistic healing – that is, a treatment regimen that incorporates the power of the mind to heal the body – has long been as mysterious as it has been successful. Almost everyone has heard a tale (or several tales) of how someone diagnosed with a serious disease and given a grim prognosis was healed – not through the application of conventional medicine, but through tapping the unique physical, mental, emotional, family, and spiritual resources of the ill person.While we’ve all heard those success stories, very few of us have understood the process. Even members of the medical community have been at a loss to explain how a very sick person becomes very well – not because of a prescription or a procedure, but because the very resources just noted. is a leading provider of information on holistic, homeopathic, and alternative medicine. In a recent article there, the author outlined the benefits of taking a holistic approach, not just to heal a specific disease, but to produce good health in general.

In a nutshell, it noted that holistic healing incorporates natural elements that everyone possesses – the physical, the mental, the emotional, the family and the spiritual components that mark every life. In the holistic approach, the body is purified and cleansed through the intake of natural remedies loaded with nutrients which make the body stronger. The mind is made purer by allowing negative thoughts to be released and replaced by positive thoughts. The spirit is purged through prayer or spiritual healing.

The sum, by utilizing all the parts, is a natural healing process that doesn’t simply treat a symptom, but cures the illness and leaves the person who undergoes the treatment healthy for the long haul.

Holistic healing is at the heart of the Promises Austin drug and alcohol treatment program. Promises Austin no more than 24 guests at a time, both men and women over 26 years of age. The minimum stay is 35 days, during which each guest partakes in a variety of holistic healing-based activities, all anchored to the core element in addiction recovery: the Twelve Step model.

The list of amenities at Promises Austin includes onsite spa services, personal trainers, a gourmet chef, nutritional counseling, hiking and biking, meditation, yoga, and other recreational and educational enrichment opportunities. As part of the personalized treatment, each guest has his or her own professionally tailored plan, with holistic healing at the heart of each activity.

“Through the years it has been my dream to create a new concept in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction,” said Promises Austin founder, George Joseph. “The Promises Austin model is a breakthrough in the way treatment is delivered. I have dedicated the past 27 years to treatment and recovery excellence and now have created an effective, innovative program in a beautiful, healing environment.”

To find out more about Promises Austin, please visit the company website,, or call us at 888.293.2202 to discuss how we might help you or a loved one overcome alcohol dependence or drug addiction at our state-of-the-art luxury rehab center.


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