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Top 10 Reasons to Get Treatment over the Holidays

When a loved one reaches a crisis with drug and alcohol use, wouldn’t it be great if that also happened to be the perfect time for them to go into treatment? Most people have multiple obligations that always make residential treatment a difficult choice. There rarely is a perfect time if you are considering external issues. However, if you are considering the primary issue, saving your loved one from dangerous substance abuse, it’s important to seize any opportunity to get them into treatment. If they show willingness, move forward.

The holidays tend to be one of those time periods when people delay treatment. Often it’s the worst time of year to delay getting help because it’s also a time when external pressures tend to escalate drinking behavior and drug use. Anyone who has a substance abuser in their family has likely experienced at least one disastrous family gathering.

Here are the top 10 reasons to get treatment now:

1. Give your family a break from the crisis and drama over the holidays and ensure your loved one is safe – not driving while intoxicated, endangering themselves or others.
2. Consider it a gift to your loved one – the greatest gift is one that allows that family member to be fully present, and treatment will lead them to recovery
3. You are helping your loved one during what is often the most stressful time of the year. During the holidays there are more triggers than usual that can push the substance abuser to drink more and take more risks.
4. Many people see the New Year as a time to make changes. Your loved one can start the New Year with more than just a resolution – they will have some strategies and a plan to back it up.
5. Treatment centers tend to be less full during the holidays, so each client tends to get more intensive treatment than they might if the facility is operating at capacity.
6. If you are hoping for some insurance reimbursement and you’ve already paid your deductible and out-of-pocket maximums, there may be a financial incentive to completing treatment before the New Year.
7. Substance abusers also tend to act out in other ways. For example, they may be compulsive spenders who buy excessively during the holidays. If you know this is a pattern, seeking treatment now could mean avoiding more debt in the New Year.
8. Promises offers special family programs over the holidays that can be very beneficial to recovery – also, be sure to ask about travel arrangements for family members to come visit during the holidays.
9. You might think it is depressing to be in treatment over the holidays, but in truth it might be just the getaway you need. Think about it: gourmet meals cooked for you, staying in a comfortable place away from home, specialized therapies to improve your outlook and physical and mental well being such as massage, acupuncture, guided meditation. Treatment is not meant to be drudgery, and if you go to a high-quality, smaller facility like Promises, you will find it a healing experience.
10. Holidays can be the toughest time of year, not just for people with substance abuse, mental health issues, and other emotional challenges. Getting the support of a therapeutic team during this time can be an amazing gift to give yourself for the holidays.

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