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Not a One-Size Fits All Approach

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is a popular book written about the difference in the two genders. What scientists have also learned is that those distinctions between the sexes could determine what kind of treatment they need for alcoholism.

A Scientific American article details discussions of the need for gender-specific treatment for men and women who suffer from alcohol abuse. This type of healing could serve patients better if they were split programs with men in one and women in another.

Medical professionals have learned that women, first off, metabolize alcohol differently than men do resulting in the amount they drink and the effects on a female showing faster than on a male. Their body compositions are varied along with the results of extreme alcohol use on their systems.

It would be no surprise that the treatment of both genders would need to be customized to one or the other. Officials say women also react differently to treatment than men and they tend to want to talk through their problems more. Women also are more apt to need treatment sooner than males and the side effects of alcoholism are likely to cause greater harm to women such as depression.

While not all treatment centers need to be gender-specific there is enough research to make the case that for some women having a program with just other females could be more beneficial and could end up a better cure for them than having to co-mingle with the opposite sex.

This goes to show most things should not have a one size fits all approach. People are different and the gender makeup of each one of us is also as unique as the person himself. To separate treatment options with a personalized approach could be the difference between treating someone of the disease and just providing a band-aid fix for the moment.

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