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Continuum of Care

When we think of addiction and mental health treatment, we often envision a straight path towards the goal of a healthy, sober and stable life. But human nature tends to be full of ups and downs. This means that we must approach behavioral health treatment not as a linear goal but as a continuum of care. So no matter where you are in your healing, you can move from one milestone to the next. 

At P.A.T.H, our continuum of care works to create accessible, affordable treatment options that fit your needs now. 

The Foundation

Needs Assessment  

During the foundation phase of our continuum, you will go through a comprehensive needs assessment that works to measure biological, psychological and socio-environmental elements that can impact your addiction and mental health. We also provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and DUI assessments. We offer these by walk-in or appointment.

Introduction Education

Residential Treatment

The next phase is our introduction education. Typically, we recommend residential treatment at this phase, but this all depends on your unique needs assessment. During inpatient treatment, we help you establish safe and stable spaces without drugs or alcohol. Along with creating a sound environment, we help you develop active coping skills, assist with emotional regulation and help build relapse prevention plans. It may also be necessary to undergo medication-assisted treatment if detox is needed. 

Intermediate Management

Partial Hospitalization Program

Our intermediate management stage helps you understand emotional intelligence, apply healthy coping skills to daily life, establish recovery skills and cultivate a mind-body-spirit connection. Our partial hospital program (PHP) is used for this stage. This type of treatment program provides you with a little more freedom than inpatient treatment. Treatment lasts several hours a day for five days a week. 

Skilled Management

Intensive Outpatient Program (In-person or Telehealth)

At this point, you should expect to use your resilience and insight-oriented skills. We will help you build self-confidence and aid in creating a solid plan to help you live life to the fullest. With the intensive outpatient program (IOP), you are expected to attend sessions a few times a week for a few hours per day, either in-person or virtually.

Advanced Management

Outpatient Program (In-person or Telehealth)

The advanced management stage means you are beginning to see personal results in your life. We will work with you on recovery maintenance, continuing your self-reliance skills and help you accomplish your personal life goals. Outpatient treatment scheduling depends on the person and their individual needs. These sessions are conducted either in-person or virtually. 

Rooted Alumni Program

Peer Support Groups 

The final stage of our continuum of care helps you establish and maintain peer connections and support. We often see our alumni become active recovery advocates, either in our Rooted Alumni program or within their own recovery community. We offer weekly Rooted Alumni meetings to our clients and annual homecoming events to help you stay connected to your recovery roots. 

For more information on our continuum of care, please call us at 713.528.3709. Our recovery specialists can help you better understand what your needs may be and walk you through an insurance benefits check. No matter where you or your loved one is in the recovery journey, we can help you get on the path towards a healthier life.  

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