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Diagnostic Assessment

When you make the choice to get help for your substance abuse or mental health disorder, you can be easily overwhelmed and unsure. Where do you start? Who do you talk to? What questions will they ask? How will they know how to help me? 

Our P.A.T.H. program diagnostic needs assessments are made easy. Whether you decided to walk into any one of our treatment centers or if you decided to come in by appointment, we will help you find the best path to healing from the moment you step through our door. 

What To Expect?

Our assessments offer a comprehensive and diagnostic evaluation that includes three important indicating elements. This helps us paint a full picture of where you are in your addiction or mental health challenges in order to build a treatment plan that suits your unique needs. 

  • Biological: Our experienced staff will ask you a series of questions about your medical history, family history, any current drug and/or alcohol use and physical symptoms you may be experiencing currently. It is important for us to gather this information so that we can truly evaluate what the best course of treatment should be for you.
  • Psychological: During the psychological part of the assessment we focus on your mental wellbeing. We will ask questions about your mental state, behaviors, emotions and history of trauma or abuse. This helps us determine if you will need primary mental health care or dual diagnosis treatment.
  • Socio-environmental: At this point in the assessment, our staff members will look at what social and cultural factors play a role in your current addiction or mental health challenges. This includes areas of life such as your current family relationships, friendships, workplace stress and the quality of your marriage or intimate relationships.

By working through these areas in the assessment, we gain a better understanding of who you are and how we can help. From here, we will build you a treatment plan that is both comprehensive and personalized to your unique challenges and set you up for our outpatient services.

For more information on our diagnostic assessments, call us today at 713.528.3709. Our recovery specialist can help you better understand how to begin our outpatient services, walk you through an insurance benefits check and find the best location to suit your needs. When it comes to getting the help you or your loved one needs, don’t wait another day. We can get you on the path to healing. 

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