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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

When you make the choice to get help for your substance abuse or mental health disorder, you can be easily overwhelmed and unsure. Where do you start? Who do you talk to? What questions will they ask? How will they know how to help me? 

Our P.A.T.H. program diagnostic needs assessments are made easy. Whether you decided to walk into any one of our treatment centers or if you decided to come in by appointment, we will help you find the best path to healing from the moment you step through our door. 

IOP Group

What You Need To Know About Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

It can help you maintain daily life obligations.

The partial hospitalization program is the most time-depending treatment available outside of residential treatment. On the other hand, IOP requires that you dedicate a few hours a day, several times a week, to your treatment plan. In this case, we would see you about three hours per visit, three times a week. This can be either during the day or evening hours.

We get it. You have a life. Family, work and school all factor in when it comes to getting addiction and mental health treatment. The intensive outpatient program provides you with a little more freedom to maintain your daily commitments while working towards your recovery goals. We can help you create the best schedule to fit your unique needs.

Depending on your individualized treatment plan, IOP may require that you dedicate a few hours a day, several times a week, to your treatment plan.

It will involve both individual and group therapy.

Intensive outpatient programming works best when blended with individual and group therapy, including family therapy sessions. In these sessions, we will focus on educating you about your current struggle, whether it be addiction, mental health disorders or both, help you learn healthy coping skills and work to unpack the underlying traumas that may be impacting you. We will also work with you to gain an understanding of others’ experiences so you can repair relationships and build new ones.

We help you stay connected.

We want you to feel supported even after the completion of your program. At our P.A.T.H. locations, we offer weekly 12-step and 12-step alternative meetings, such as SMART recovery. We also support you through our Rooted Alumni program, which offers weekly meetings, recovery events and a community app for those who complete their program with P.A.T.H. 

For more information on the intensive outpatient program, call us today at 713.528.3709. Our recovery specialist can help you better understand if IOP is the right choice for you, walk you through an insurance benefits check and find the best location to suit your needs. Now is the time to get the help you need to live the life you want. We are here to show you the path. 

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