Malibu FAQs

Please reach out to us any time with questions about our programs or getting help for yourself or a loved one. We can be reached at 844-876-5568. Here are some questions we often hear from clients and family members:

Treatment cost at our Malibu, California drug rehab varies depending on the level of care you need. Insurance can offset the cost of care. The best way to determine treatment cost is to call our recovery advisors for a free consultation and insurance benefits check. We’ll provide you an estimate of cost based on your treatment needs and work directly with your insurance to determine your coverage.

Yes. Call our recovery advisors at 844-876-5568 for a free insurance benefits check. We’ll work directly with your insurance company to determine your coverage and potential out-of-pocket costs.

We provide medically monitored drug and alcohol detox in a comfortable environment. You’ll receive round-the-clock care from a medical team that includes physicians, nurses and detox specialists. We use the latest research-backed medications to ease withdrawal symptoms as needed and make sure detox is safe and as comfortable as possible.

We offer varying lengths of stay. Duration of treatment varies based on each client’s individual issues and needs. Some clients transition out of our inpatient drug rehab program into our outpatient program to solidify their recovery skills and ease back into everyday life.

At Promises Malibu, you’ll live in comfortable residences with peers who share similar struggles. Bedrooms are beautifully decorated and private and semi-private rooms are available.

The therapist assigned to your loved one will contact you about family group. Promises can provide you with the therapist’s e-mail and phone number so that you can contact him or her with any questions you may have.

Please reach out to the admissions team for questions or concerns. Additionally, your loved one’s therapist will typically call you once a week with a status update. You may also call your loved one’s therapist. Please be aware that they usually return calls at the end of the day after individual and group therapy sessions.

Addiction impacts everyone in the family. Our family therapy sessions are important because they help you begin your own healing process. We encourage you to also attend Al-anon meetings for further support and education on the disease of addiction.

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