Facility Highlights

Promises Malibu has been helping clients and families take back their lives from addiction and mental health issues for 30 years. We’re a Joint Commission accredited addiction treatment center specializing in treating a wide variety of co-occurring mental health disorders. At our Malibu, California drug rehab, clinical expertise, individualized treatment and a restorative, comfortable setting will be at the cornerstone of your recovery journey.

Some highlights of the Promises Malibu treatment experience include:

  • Treatment for Underlying Issues

    We’ll assess you for underlying issues that can fuel drug and alcohol abuse such as depression, trauma (PTSD), grief or loss, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD and sleep disorders. These are just a few of the underlying issues that can make a person vulnerable to substance abuse and relapse. By properly assessing and addressing these issues we help you understand your triggers and begin building a bridge to an extraordinary life.

  • Specialized Treatment Team

    You’ll be cared for by a diverse team of specially trained clinicians with years of experience treating people with substance abuse and mental health issues. Over the course of a week in our Malibu treatment program, you’ll meet with therapists, a consulting psychiatrist and other specialists. Promises is led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Sack, a triple board-certified psychiatrist who is a national voice for those with addiction.

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  • One-on-One Attention

    With regular individual therapy sessions and small groups, we provide plenty of individualized attention. Limiting admissions to a small number of clients gives us the flexibility to tailor treatment to the needs of each client.

  • Wide Selection of Therapies

    Promises rehab centers use evidence-based therapies, including cognitive behavioral techniques and dialectical behavior therapy. We also offer integrative and Eastern therapies, such as massage, nutritional counseling, yoga and meditation, so that you have access to a wide range of recovery tools.

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  • Trauma Treatment

    We take a trauma-informed approach to addiction treatment in a group setting. If you have experienced trauma or loss, our California rehab center offers powerful tools in the treatment of trauma.

  • Tranquil Setting

    Our Malibu treatment center is situated on a gated campus with three swimming pools, tennis courts, hiking trails, and beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica Mountains. Our peaceful and restorative setting helps set clients at ease and encourages them to complete the full course of treatment, which boosts their ability to sustain their recovery long term.

  • Creators of the Malibu ModelTM

    Recognizing that a few key features could transform the traditional rehab experience and vastly improve outcomes, Promises originated the Malibu Model. This model replaced the one-size-fits-all approach with treatment tailored to each individual; expanded “staff” to include a fully integrated, highly credentialed treatment team; and made it easier for clients to commit to treatment by turning a hospital-like environment into a private, home-like retreat. The Malibu Model has not only stood the test of time but has since become the gold standard in drug rehabilitation. Although many have tried, it has yet to be replicated.

  • Long-Term Support and Alumni Network

    Recognizing that addiction is a chronic disease, Promises Malibu provides aftercare that includes an expansive alumni network and close coordination with outside mental health professionals to optimize long-term recovery. Our 30-year history gives us a unique advantage over other treatment centers: our alumni serve as ambassadors, helping current clients integrate back into the community.

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  • Healing for the Family

    Family members play a critical role in the recovery process. A therapist meets with you and your family members as appropriate, and family members are invited to participate in a healing family program. We also offer a weekly, multi-family support group that meets in the evenings in Los Angeles, which is open to all current and past clients and loved ones. You’ll learn how to best support each other in recovery and connect with other families sharing similar struggles.

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  • Make Today the Day You Start Again

    You’ve wanted to stop for a long time. You’ve tried to stop, maybe dozens of times. You’ve promised your loved ones. But it’s not easy on your own. That’s why we’re here — to help you keep your promises. Call our caring recovery advisors today for a free, confidential consultation: 844-876-5568.

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