A Typical Day at Promises Malibu

Days at Promises Malibu drug rehab are engaging, restorative and focused on developing resiliency and a healthy lifestyle. As the originators of the Malibu Model, we carefully tailor activities and therapies to your needs and interests. Because our approach is highly personalized, schedules vary from day to day and client to client, but below is an idea of what a typical day might include.

  • Mornings

    Mornings start with daily reflection and a healthy, delicious chef-prepared meal to get you energized for a day of recovery work. An active lifestyle that supports recovery is an integral part of our treatment approach. After breakfast you’ll have access to fitness or have one-on-one counseling with your primary therapist. At 11 am morning process groups take place. Groups may cover several addiction-related issues including shame resilience, relapse prevention and education on substance abuse and mental health issues.

  • Afternoons

    Afternoons begin with a nutritious lunch. You’ll typically have individual counseling sessions from 1 to 2 pm, followed by group therapy. We cover topics such as addiction and trauma, family dynamics, nutrition for recovery and life skills. Community meetings, 12-step groups or alumni groups may also take place during this time. More individual therapy sessions follow from 3 to 4 pm. You’ll then complete a recovery task or assignment or attend psychoeducation groups.

  • Evenings

    Our professional chefs serve dinner at 5 pm. After dinner, you may travel off campus to attend a community 12-step meeting. Other times, we hold an alumni meeting. Alumni meetings provide you with hope and inspiration from peers who’ve been in your shoes. Every evening at 9:30 pm we hold a group dedicated to a particular step of the 12 Steps. This helps you strengthen your recovery and prepare for continued step work following treatment.

  • Weekends

    Weekends have similar activities and schedules as weekdays with the addition of family visitation time, family groups, and social activities like game night, beach walks and hikes.

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