Promises New Jersey FAQs

Our recovery advisors are on hand to answer any questions you may have about treatment: 844-876-5568. We’ve also included some frequently asked questions below.

We accept most insurance plans, mostly using out-of-network benefits. Just let us know what type of insurance you have and we’ll handle the logistics.

Treatment length varies depending on your issues and needs. Your treatment plan is individualized and continually updated. Discharge planning also occurs throughout the course of addiction treatment. You’ll work alongside an aftercare planner who can support you with referrals to sober housing options and continued outpatient treatment based on recommendations from your treatment team.

Absolutely. We encourage family involvement during treatment. A family therapy session may be part of your treatment at Promises New Jersey drug rehab. “Family” can include any person you consider as significant in your recovery.

Families are contacted by the aftercare coordinator and/or your primary therapist, as clinically appropriate. Your primary therapist maintains regular contact with them throughout treatment and may coordinate family therapy in person or by phone.

If your family cannot attend the session on campus, there is an option for them to call in on the telephone and the family session is conducted in the group room in the same manner; however, a speakerphone takes the physical place of where the family would have been in the group room.

If your family does not want to attend the family session and you are unable to identify a support system, we will conduct a “mock” family session wherein other clients will stand in as your family members and engage in a role play. The “mock” family session is conducted in the same manner as an actual family session with the group and the therapists, allowing you to address familial issues in the absence of the actual family members.

Promises New Jersey will provide transportation arrangements, if needed, and complimentary pickup within NJ and PA. If outside of this area, we may arrange for your pickup and safe return home with one of our outside transportation services.

Yes, in designated smoking areas and at certain times.

Due to the epidemic of opioid prescription painkiller addiction and heroin abuse in this geographical area, we began seeing several opiate addicted adults. Our response was to cater to the specific needs of our client population. We recognized we had to do things differently, to take an individualized, humanistic, out-of-the box approach in order to help these clients.

No. Promises New Jersey has clients from all over the country, but particularly from NJ, NY, DE, PA and MD. Many clients end up staying in the area living in local sober housing and attending outpatient programming at Promises New Jersey addiction treatment center. As a result, there is a strong alumni base that offers strong sober peer support for one another. Clients often stay through multiple levels of care for months at a time, fostering a safe and loving environment.

We provide referrals for medically monitored detox services. Medical alcohol and drug detox includes round-the-clock medical monitoring and the use of evidence-based medications to ease withdrawal symptoms as clinically appropriate. Once detox is complete, we provide a seamless transition into one of our outpatient alcohol and drug treatment programs.

Our recovery advisors can refer you to safe and comfortable sober living facilities nearby. These residences offer support from peers in recovery who share similar challenges and often have clinical staff onsite.

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