Promises New Jersey Highlights

Promises New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab is different than other addiction treatment facilities. We pride ourselves on being personal, insightful and on the leading edge of treatment. There’s a difference to our structure, our methods and how we care about clients. We’ll teach you how to live a healthy and sober life once and for all.

Here are a few of the reasons we stand out from other drug rehab centers:

  • Engaging Treatment Approach

    You won’t just learn about addiction recovery, you’ll live it. No two days or treatment groups are alike at Promises New Jersey alcohol and drug rehab. Our clinical team provides care that is based on the evolving needs of the current treatment community. At the end of each day, we meet to discuss the issues that surfaced that day. We design the next day of treatment based on those needs and changing group dynamics.

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  • One-On-One Attention

    Individual therapy sessions work in tandem with small, intensive groups to help you delve deeper into your specific issues. You’ll learn about the disease of addiction and faulty thought processes that often lead to relapse. You’ll address underlying issues that contribute to substance abuse, including co-occurring mental health disorders.

  • Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

    Many people have co-occurring mental health disorders that fuel alcohol and drug addiction. We simultaneously treat substance use disorders and mental health disorders like mild to moderate depression and anxiety. We also offer a trauma group and draw upon trauma-focused therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, grounding exercises, inner child work and mindfulness.

  • Long-Term Recovery Focus

    We’ll teach you recovery skills you can use in everyday life to successfully navigate relapse triggers, fill the space substances previously occupied and enjoy a fulfilling life. Our team will work with you and your loved ones throughout treatment to successfully prepare you for life after treatment. We can recommend sober housing options and other continued outpatient treatments based on your needs.

  • Medical Care

    We work with a consulting physician to offer evidence-based medications as clinically appropriate and expert medication management (including Vivitrol and psychiatric medications as needed) in conjunction with behavioral therapy that promotes long-term recovery.

  • Rebuilding Physical Health

    Physical healing is an important part of long-term recovery. You’ll work with medical staff to ensure you’re getting proper nutrition and may attend educational sessions about nutrition led by our nurse practitioner.

  • Real-World Recovery Activities

    You’ll participate in activities that prepare you to transition back into life after treatment. For instance, we recreate potential trigger situations such as those that may include alcohol (using non-alcoholic beverages). Nearby sober living facilities offer sober outings such as fishing, bowling, shopping trips and visits to the movies or beach.

  • Supportive Recovery Community

    After completing our day treatment program, some clients choose to remain in the area. They often live in local sober housing and attend outpatient treatment at Promises New Jersey drug rehab. Our strong alumni base offers valuable sober peer support for those in early recovery. We build a supportive recovery community made up of clients in treatment and those navigating their recovery journey after treatment. You’ll hear weekly from alumni speakers who’ll share their challenges and successes to inspire you and help guide your recovery journey. We offer weekly alumni meetings and dinners as well as fun alumni events and outings.

  • Healing for the Whole Family

    Promises New Jersey alcohol and drug rehab incorporates your family and/or support system into treatment. Primary therapists maintain contact with loved ones via weekly clinical updates. Your loved ones may also attend a special family session and spend several hours with you off-campus with a day pass.

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  • High-Quality, Affordable Care

    We believe that expert addiction treatment should be affordable. Our admissions specialists will work directly with your insurance company to maximize your coverage. Promises New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab accepts most insurances (mostly out of network), credit cards and flexible direct payments. We work with clients on a case-by-case basis and will help you receive the care you need within your budget.

  • Joint Commission Accreditation

    Promises New Jersey alcohol and drug rehab is accredited by The Joint Commission. Accreditation reflects our commitment to the highest quality standards in health care.

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