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Life Is Better in Recovery

Our outpatient drug rehab for young adults helps clients keep a strong foothold in treatment while gradually transitioning back into everyday life. You’ll build on relapse prevention skills and strengthen your sobriety with regular professional and peer support. Our intensive outpatient treatment program is ideal for those just completing residential treatment or clients who don’t require a higher level of care.


As a step-down program from our young adult residential treatment program or as an option for people who don’t require inpatient care, our young adult intensive outpatient program helps clients thrive in recovery. Gain resiliency and self-confidence in recovery while getting help with job searches, school applications and other endeavors.


What We Treat


Our West L.A. outpatient treatment center is set within an urban area in Mar Vista, about five minutes from our residential treatment facility. Located in an airplane hangar, our young adult outpatient drug rehab is often described as welcoming, modern and hip. Private and discreet, our Promises IOP facilities are a cheerful haven among a bustling neighborhood and in walking distance of grocery stores, restaurants, office buildings, parks and schools.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Residences

Our IOP clients can choose to live in Promises’ gender-separate, sober-living residences, in the community, or in other sober-living facilities. Our women’s sober-living residence is a beautiful, historic, two-story Craftsman house with wood structures. Promises’ sober-living residence for men is a home-like Santa Fe ranch-style house.

Sober-living homes include:

  • Shared bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms equipped with sinks, showers and bathtubs
  • Inviting indoor and outdoor gathering areas
  • Lots of windows, warm décor and comfortable furnishings
  • Fully equipped kitchen stocked with juices, bread, milk and healthy snacks

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