Luxury Drug Rehab

Why choose a more exclusive environment for drug rehab treatment?

Old-school treatment felt more like punishment, but over time, clinicians began to recognize that those with addiction felt plenty of shame and misery due to their behavior.  As the medical community has moved more toward a disease model of addiction, treating it much the same way you would heart disease or other physical ailments, the idea of “punishing” addicts has fallen, thankfully, by the wayside.

One of the toughest things in addiction treatment is keeping the addicted person in treatment long enough to have a substantial impact on their behavior.  When Promises Malibu was created it was because the founder recognized that some people were leaving rehab early because they simply didn’t fell comfortable in the environment.  He thought, “Why not create a place that reminds them of their home? Why not have an environment that make them feel comfortable staying for 30 days so they don’t lose all the benefits of treatment by leaving early?”  Promises Malibu has a number of stately homes nestled in the Santa Monica mountains above the Pacific Ocean. We also offer single rooms and suites for those who don’t feel comfortable sharing a room.

Promises founded what has become known as the Malibu Model of treatment.  This means a small number of clients and significantly more individual attention than in larger, more traditional rehabs.

Luxury does not mean the treatment is not serious. It is deadly serious. We are treating addiction,  a notoriously destructive disease.

We offer one of the most clinically rigorous programs in the country, lead by a board-certified Addiction Psychiatrist, Dr. David Sack.

If you have a loved one who has failed previous treatments because they just didn’t like the environment of rehab, Promises may be the answer you are looking for.

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