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Mental Health

Effects of OCD

Obsessive compulsive disorder can turn your life upside down. You feel like your thoughts and behaviors have control over you and that you’re powerless to change them. Obsessive compulsive disorder is a serious psychiatric […]

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Obsessed With Death? Take Comfort.

People think about death differently. Some are so terrified of it they develop thanatophobia (death anxiety). Others experience debilitating grief over a loved one’s passing and become clinically depressed. Still, others find peace and […]

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Panic Disorders in Men

Men and women experience substance abuse and mental health conditions differently, which is why many men’s treatment centers are opening around the country. Men’s treatment centers can provide specialized care for experiences that are […]

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Men

Men’s treatment centers across the United States are beginning to pay special attention to obsessive compulsive disorder. In recent years, researchers and mental health professionals have turned their focus to understanding and finding effective […]

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The Pathological Liar Test

Everybody lies. At one time or another all people have said something that wasn’t true. People might lie to protect another person’s feelings or to get, and stay out of, trouble. Sometimes people tell […]

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Consequences of Workaholism

A work addiction might begin innocently enough: perhaps you stay late at work a few nights a week to finish up a project with a looming deadline. Working under pressure and getting things accomplished […]

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