Arizona Equine Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

At the Sundance Center, drug and alcohol rehab of Arizona, we utilize the most effective treatment modalities and are constantly striving to refine our approach to include the best tools available in the fight against addiction. Equine TherapyThat is why we provide our guests with a myriad of groups that serve to bring about healing, sometimes in ways that one might never expect. One such group is our equine therapy group.Ever since Equine therapy was introduced to our Arizona rehab program a number of years ago, it has been considered one of the favorite groups of many of our guests. Both our counselors and those in our program who attend equine attest to the powerful healing that is found in working with horses. Horses are prey animals and are governed largely by their animal instincts of fight or flight. Being such, they provide immediate and direct feedback to those who interact with them. When someone is fearful or unsure, the horses sense their uneasiness and mirror that energy. Likewise when someone is confident and at peace, the horses mirror that energy as well and provide the feedback of stability.

By working with animals that have no judgment based on our past, our looks, or the many other things we often use to judge one another with as humans, we are then able to experience a situation that is created based primarily upon our current reality and inner being. Realizing that there is no biased filter, we can receive the feedback these wonderful animals give us in a way that can provide great insights into our own inner peace. When we are seeking to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction, often times it is our inner feelings of turmoil that stem from our past experiences that we must learn to let go of in order to gain the stability and peace we seek to strengthen us in making better choices in our lives.

The Sundance Center is a drug and alcohol rehab center in Arizona that utilizes equine therapy as a tool for healing those who are ready to overcome their addictions and get the person they love back. If you or a loved one could benefit from such services, please call us today at: 844-877-2806

Posted on March 26th, 2013
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