Cocaine Anonymous Added to Arizona Rehab Program

Outside support meetings are major ingredients in the recovery recipe… that’s why Journey Healing Centers’ Cocaine Addiction Rehab Center  -- Sundance – encourages guests to attend outside Cocaine Anonymous meetings to hear the recovery message delivered by cocaine addicts who are strong in their recovery.Through our Cocaine Addiction Rehab program guests learn to parlay their JHC customized cocaine treatment program with outside recovery meeting in order to strengthen their cocaine recovery foundation. Meeting makers make it because when they engage the Fellowship of Recovery they get the opportunity to further build on what they have learned about recovery from JHC’s Cocaine Addiction Rehab Center. They become wedged in the middle of the recovery herd which shelters them from the predatory relapse grasp.

For the cocaine addict seeking long-term recovery, CA meetings are essential because they serve as constant reminders of where the active cocaine addict used to be and where he or she could be with – if they stay sober.  Cocaine addiction recovery testimonials come to life in these meetings and provide hope for those who are new in their sobriety. For example, at these CA outside meetings, guests from our Cocaine Addiction Rehab Center are typically introduced to their sponsor – the person who will serve as their recovery guide star once they graduate the JHC Cocaine Addiction Rehab program. A sponsor is a sober individual who has a working knowledge of the 12-Steps of recovery and the principle behind each of these steps. Simply put, a sponsor is a person who can help a guest/a recovery newcomer to build on their recovery foundation and stay sober.

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Posted on November 5th, 2013
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