Drug Addiction Treatment Center Promotes Family Time in Arizona

When guests enter The Sundance’s drug addiction treatment center… they enter a space that has a program designed to help them to get sober, find themselves, and reconnect with their families. Through our holistic platform to healing, we help our guest to restore their mind, body, and spirit as they go through treatment at The Sundance’s drug addiction treatment center.As our guests heal and get their lives back, we encourage them to commit to reconnecting with their families and taking the time to rebuild relationships destroyed while they were active in their addiction. Reconnecting with their families means spending quality time with members of the household by engaging in recreational activities and enjoying each other’s company in the most sincere manner.

For example, don’t just take your child to the ball game – play ball with him at a local park or in your backyard. Don’t’ just eat dinner with your wife –prepare dinner for her or take her out to eat. Don’t dwell on the past or project the future – be there now and live in the moment for each and every family member.

As you reconnect with your family… we at The Sundance’s drug addiction treatment center encourage you be patient, punctual, and true to your word at all times. Remember, as addicts in recovery and as individuals who undermined family while actively using drugs or abusing alcohol – you must earn your family’s trust. This will require patience and tolerance as there will be times when skepticism surface toward your proposed good deeds.

As you continue to rebuild the broken relationships, we encourage you to always be true to your word. For example, if you tell your loved one that you will pick them up at 3pm – be there at 3pm. Keep the lines of communications open at all times – in case there is an unexpected circumstance that hinders you in your effort to be punctual or to fulfill an obligation. Communicate… Communicate… Communicate.

For more information on The Sundance’s drug addiction treatment center and how we can help you or your loved one regain your life and reconnect with your family, call us today at 800-518-1576.

Posted on October 31st, 2013
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