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Online and In-Person Dual Diagnosis Outpatient Treatment

More often than not, mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety or trauma can cause people to turn to substances to cope, later causing addictive behaviors. Truly impactful drug and alcohol addiction treatment addresses the core of the dependence problem. 

That’s why our P.A.T.H. programs include care for dual diagnosis to help clients heal from their underlying mental health challenges while maintaining a life of sobriety. 

Online and In-Person Dual Diagnosis Outpatient Treatment

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

So what is dual diagnosis? Our mental health plays a large role in our lives, including addiction. When you struggle with both substance abuse and mental illness, this is known as dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. Those facing the challenge of addiction may struggle with psychological issues, such as:

  • A mood disorder, including major depression or bipolar disorder
  • An anxiety disorder, including generalized anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • ADHD
  • Trauma and PTSD

Many people abuse drugs or alcohol to deal with their mental health disorders. Often, people seek drugs and alcohol to numb their emotional pain temporarily. But this never works to completely eliminate it and often makes their disorder worse. Alcohol use disorder (AUD) and substance use disorder (SUD) develop in these cases. Dual diagnosis treatment is the best way to get to the bottom of a problem like this.

Why Choose Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

With the Promises P.A.T.H. program, we will address both substance use disorders and related mental health. Our walk-in needs assessment can pinpoint what mental health disorders you may need to work through while building you a solid addiction recovery plan.

Our dual diagnosis treatment offers clients a structured yet individualized treatment plan. We utilize both in-person and telehealth outpatient services to help you address the ‘why’ behind your addiction. When issues such as trauma, depression, and anxiety are left untreated, the risk of relapse increases. 

Drugs, alcohol, or other compulsive behaviors may dull depression or anxiety symptoms for a while, but they return along with new problems.

Finding The P.A.T.H: Dual Diagnosis Outpatient Treatment 

While we understand the need for dual diagnosis inpatient treatment at our P.A.T.H. locations, we allow clients to work through their underlying issues without the need to seek residential treatment. 

Whether you choose in-person or telehealth services, our outpatient treatment program provides:

  • Attendance of treatment during the day or evening
  • The ability to maintain a more normal daily routine compared to an inpatient program
  • A treatment plan that lasts three months to one year
  • You spend at least 10 to 12 hours a week at the outpatient rehab center

Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment is less restrictive than inpatient rehab and is often best suited to those further in their recovery. For example, residential treatment (where you stay on the premises) may be necessary for someone who needs to be closely monitored during their drug or alcohol detox.

If you or your loved one struggles with both substance abuse and a mental health condition, dual diagnosis treatment will give them the chance they need to live a healthy life. With Promises, we can help you find the right options for your outpatient treatment needs. Contact our recovery team today at 713.528.3709 to hear more about our comprehensive solutions.

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