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Exercise Could Help Smokers Quit for Good

Researchers at the University of Western Ontario have found that exercise, in addition to nicotine replacement therapy, helps people quit smoking, as well as improves fitness and delaying weight gain in female smokers. Dr. Harry Prapavessis, Director of Western's new Exercise and Health Psychology Laboratory and his team said that exercise needs to be maintained for people to prevent smoking relapse. 

A recent study found that 70 percent of women stopped smoking at the end of a 12-week program, but only 27 percent remained abstinent after a year. Prapavessis said their physical fitness and weight data supported the abstinence data, suggesting that maintaining an exercise program is important to continue not smoking. 

Mary Jung, a post-doctorate fellow at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, is working on testing this idea. She said that the project, funded by the Canadian Cancer Society, will help researchers better understand the role exercise plays in quitting smoking, and will also examine the cost-effectiveness of long-term smoking cessation programs. 

Source: Science Daily, Sweating Out the Cravings, January 20, 2010

Posted on January 20th, 2010
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