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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The P.A.T.H. partial hospitalization program (PHP) is the highest level of care we offer at our treatment centers. Just one tier under residential treatment, PHP allows you to live at home or in sober-living while working towards your sobriety or mental health goals.  

Our partial hospitalization program provides a structured treatment model during regular business hours. You will spend your day attending individual or group therapy sessions that help you focus on learning healthy coping skills, creating concrete life goals and a recovery plan to prevent possible relapse. 

What are the Benefits of PHP?

You can live at home.

One of the top benefits of our partial hospitalization program is the ability to live at home. You will commit a large portion of your time to treatment during the day. But it still allows you to go home in the evenings, making it easier to spend time with family, work an evening shift or prepare for college classes.

It helps you transition from inpatient treatment.

Many of our PHP clients have recently stepped down from residential treatment services but are still learning how to manage their substance use and mental health disorders. We help you gain more independence and work to build personal life goals as you transfer back into everyday life.

It is less costly than residential treatment.

One of the benefits of PHP is that we can help as many people without breaking the bank. We work with most major insurance providers and Medicare to help remove the barrier to quality, evidence-based addiction and mental health treatment services. 

We can help you better understand the cost and your insurance benefits at your needs assessment or by calling 713.528.3709.

You gain more independence.

Our goal is to help you transition into the world safely and with the best tools to help you manage your substance use or mental health challenges. With our partial hospitalization program, we focus on establishing healthy boundaries and recovery skills and work to help you create a routine that supports your personal life goals outside of treatment.  

What Does PHP Treatment Look Like?

Because we aim to create a truly personalized treatment experience, we will blend treatment areas that best fit your needs into our partial hospitalization program. Some of these treatment options include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Recovery skills and relapse prevention 
  • Trauma recovery and empowerment model (TREM)
  • Nutrition education
  • Meditation and mindfulness practice
  • Family education and treatment 

We will employ these models during group sessions or your one-on-one meetings with your therapist. Our goal is to help you implement healthy coping skills and establish a solid recovery plan. We want to see you truly find yourself in mind, body and spirit.

Let us help you get on the path to understanding your truest, most authentic self. Whether you seek help for yourself or a loved one, our recovery specialist can provide you with your options, give you a better understanding of your insurance coverage and help you build find the closest P.A.T.H. location to you.

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