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Can Drugs Ever Be Recreational?

With the pros and cons of recreational marijuana legalization being debated and even voted on around the country, discussing the dangers of drugs as a form of recreation has become more important. Teens and children soak up the prevailing attitude toward drugs and can be influenced to believe that marijuana and other substances are harmless or at least low risk.

Recreational drug use has never been, and still isn’t, safe.

The So-Called Safe Drugs

One of the major cons of legalizing marijuana is that doing so perpetuates the false belief that it is a safe drug. Any substance that is mind-altering comes with risks. Some may be more harmful than others, but none are truly safe to use. What many people falsely consider to be safe recreational drugs are party drugs like ecstasy and MDMA, hallucinogens like LSD, peyote and mushrooms, and of course marijuana. Too many people also think that prescription drugs are low-risk substances of abuse because they are legal and prescribed by doctors. This false assumption that a certain drug carries little risk when abused has caused many people to become ill, to overdose and even to die.

The Negatives to Recreational Drugs

The misguided notion that certain drugs are safe for recreational use makes these drugs even more dangerous. When someone thinks a drug is low risk, he may use too much of it at once and be at a high risk for overdosing. Even when a user does not go overboard with the amount, these so-called recreational drugs can still cause harm. Side effects, like those experienced with many prescription drugs, can be a problem. The side effects that come with abusing a drug can range from uncomfortable to life-threatening.

Another major problem with using drugs recreationally is the risk of becoming addicted. Another false assumption people make is that certain drugs are not addictive. Any drug that can be abused can lead to addiction. Few people realize that marijuana addiction is one of the most common reasons cited by patients seeking addiction treatment. If you decide to use drugs recreationally, you make addiction a very real possibility for your future, which means that even with treatment, you will be always in recovery.

Finally, in addition to the health reasons that make using recreational drugs a bad idea, there are the potential legal problems. Marijuana is still illegal in most states and is illegal everywhere according to the federal government. Misusing prescriptions is illegal, and using many other recreational drugs, like party drugs and hallucinogens, is also illegal. By using them, you risk getting into trouble with the law and even serving time in jail.

Health reasons, legal issues and addiction are all really good reasons to never use a drug for recreational purposes. If you have kids in the home, make sure they understand your stance on recreational drug use and that they are more influenced by your attitudes than those of anyone else in their lives. Drugs cause many problems, and the momentary high is never worth the risks.

Posted on December 30th, 2016

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