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Coaching to Win

Recovery Coaching” is a relatively new addition to the substance abuse treatment scene. It was introduced in 2003 as a professional life-coaching niche by Alida Schuyler, a coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a woman in recovery from addiction.Schuyler wrote the first recovery coach certification training program specifically aimed at training students to coach persons with drug and alcohol addictions. She also created the first special-interest group for recovery coaches, and she co-founded the nonprofit Recovery Coaches International.Schuyler’s brainchild became the model for – and a valuable asset to – drug- and alcohol-abuse treatment facilities that were striving to take the addiction recovery process to a whole new level.Enter Promises Austin.

Promises Austin offers a Recovery Coaching program that provides 11  months of Phase Two continuing care and support after guests have completed initial treatment and returned home. The coaching is provided by the client’s primary therapist, making Promises Austin unique in its comprehensive approach to helping each recovering person in the program find a new, better – and alcohol- and/or drug-free – life.

The continuity of care from the recovery coach ensures that each participating client receives the support he or she needs during the most vulnerable stage in recovery--the transition between residential treatment and returning home.

Relapse behaviors are more likely to reappear without a positive support system and healthy alternatives. Promises Austin’s Recovery Coaching program offers graduates the guidance and accountability they need to keep them on track and focused on their continued sobriety.

The program has a number of valuable benefits for the recovering alcoholic or drug user, not the least of which is support and guidance long after initial treatment.

Coaching helps graduates of Promises Austin follow through with their aftercare plans, as they attend Twelve Step meetings and therapy appointments, manage medications, and continue to implement the    healthy lifestyles they began while in residence at the treatment facility.

By holding people accountable to their commitment to recovery, and by intervening at the first sign of relapse, Promises Austin’s Recovery Coaching program has proven to greatly increase the recovery success rate of its participating clients.

Posted on November 20th, 2012

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