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Why It’s Important to Overcome the Victim Persona

No one wants to be considered a victim; whether it’s a victim of abuse, a victim of crime or a victim of a disease. The problem is, we can easily fall victim to something stronger than our own will and find it much more difficult to overcome than we assumed looking in from the outside.

A recent Psych Central post highlights the dangers of playing the victim when it allows other elements to consume your life. The individual can easily develop an identity based on their victim persona and unless acknowledged and dealt with as an issue, it could manifest into something more.

Getting lost in addiction is a common phenomenon for those who have dealt with being in the victim role. When one feels victimized, it’s not uncommon to then have feelings of self-loathing and resentment. The individual has a tendency to want to escape from those feelings, often reaching for addictive substances to alleviate the loneliness, anger and even shame.

It’s not uncommon for alcohol and drugs to fill this role, allowing the individual to escape into a euphoric state where any past victimization is forgotten. The long-term effects on the body or the mind are ignored for the moments of satisfaction it can bring.

Likewise, the person who has been the victim may be more likely to act out through addictive sexual behaviors, yet doing so in secret. This may be done as an escape or a mechanism to get even. The victim may feel as though they deserve it or that it is all they have to look forward to. For others, if they choose to act out, they might as well push the limit as far as they can.

Such self-destructive behaviors rarely have a happy ending, putting increased importance on dealing with the reality of the victimization as early as possible so that healing can begin.

Posted on May 24th, 2013

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