Professionals Treatment Program

Promises Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Professionals

Recovery begins with a promise.

Professionals Treatment at Promises (PTP) provides exceptional service to clients and referring professionals. Our goal is to deliver drug and alcohol addiction treatment  to clients and first-rate service to referring professionals. Our goal is to deliver a new level of excellence in rehab care for professionals by building on the tradition of success achieved over the past 25 years by State Physician Health Programs (PHPs). Our evaluations are thorough but efficiently conducted and based on validated diagnostic criteria. Each client receives a highly individualized treatment plan with clearly defined treatment goals. Effective communications, teamwork and the highest quality of care are among our core principles and differentiate us from other professionals programs. Our program also addresses co-occurring addictive behaviors and mental health issues and provides outstanding multifaceted support for spouses, significant others and children. Some of the keys to our success include:


  • One-on-One Attention– With maximum of 24 patients, clients receive the personalized care and attention to detail they need to get well.
  • Professional Clientele– Our focus on professionals provides clients with a peer group that they can relate to
  • Skilled Clinicians– Our therapists are highly seasoned doctoral level psychologists
  • 12-Step Alternatives Available– Our expansive range of therapies and non-12-Step resources enable us to meet the needs of patients who prefer alternatives to 12-Step recovery.
  • Convenient Location– Our setting in a metropolitan area with abundant local resources for creative treatment approaches enables us to address multiple needs; we offer a comprehensive pain management program, sleep disorder specialists, an affiliated sexual disorders program, eating and body dysmorphic disorder programs, a neurofeedback program, as well as programs for patients with serious medical issues and other problems.
  • Supportive Community – We offer a rich community of 12-Step and alternative recovery groups.
  • Helpful Partnerships – We partner with the world-renowned California Pain Medicine Center at UCLA to provide pain management evaluations and services.

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Professionals Treatment Program

Is Professionals Treatment at Promises the Right Treatment for You?

While emphasizing drug and alcohol rehab services for professionals, PTP is not limited to licensed professionals. This center is available to any adult who seeks this optimal level of care and treatment approach, with its associated high success rates. We offer profession-specific treatment elements to healthcare professionals (physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and behavioral health professionals), attorneys, airline pilots, other licensed professionals, business executives and clergy.

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Professionals Treatment Program

Program Foundation & Treatment Philosophy

Professionals Treatment at Promises (PTP) is primarily conducted as a residential day treatment program, though all levels of care are available. The program is for motivated adults (25 and over) who want to build long-term recoveries with a high quality of life.

Over the past three decades, an exceptional system of care has emerged in the U.S. to address the needs of professionals suffering from addictions and co-occurring disorders. This system is composed of specialized evaluation and treatment programs that work in concert with professional monitoring agencies and have achieved a remarkable record of documented success. A recent national study of professionals treated and managed under this system reported fewer relapses (less than 3% relapse rate per year) and preservation of careers (96% successfully returned to work).

Drawing on decades of experience and research, and utilizing what has been developed and learned, PTP includes the optimal components of care to offer the most effective approach possible. These components include:

  1. Thorough multidisciplinary evaluations based on validated diagnostic criteria
  2. Client-oriented treatment (with variable components and variable lengths of stay)
  3. Long-term monitoring and advocacy

Our program is focused not only on inappropriate use of drugs and alcohol, but on other addictive behaviors and mental health issues as well.

Download the Professionals Treatment Program Brochure


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