A Typical Day

While treatment is carefully tailored to each of our client’s specific needs and issues, below is an example of what a typical day in Promises professionals drug rehab program might entail.


The day begins with mindfulness practices and daily reflections. In the mornings, clients have time at the gym and participate in a goal-setting group. The rest of the morning is filled with process groups and groups addressing recovery topics like relapse-prevention skills, 12 Steps, bibliotherapy (reading of books, poetry and other texts and writing as therapy), mindfulness meditation with cognitive behavioral therapy, and yoga.


Our clients can bring a prepared lunch or go in groups to local restaurants from 12:15 to 1 pm. Many days after lunch, clients meet with our program director who covers such topics as returning to work, potential triggers and issues specific to professionals. On other days, clients attend groups addressing trauma and underlying challenges that fuel addiction. Afterward, clients engage in wellness activities like yoga and other healthy practices.


Many of our clients prepare dinner in the residences, order take out, or go in groups to local restaurants. Clients have free time for an hour after dinner. From 7 to 9:30 pm clients attend offsite self-help meetings of their choice or an alumni meeting. This provides the opportunity to connect with peers sharing similar struggles.

Schedule at a Glance

  • Wake up

    Wake up and meditation

  • Daily reflections

    Mindfulness practices and daily reflections

  • Breakfast


  • Gym

    Gym and goal-setting group

  • Process groups

    Process groups

  • Self-help meetings

    Self-help meetings, relapse-prevention skills, yoga or bibliotherapy

  • Lunch


  • Process group

    Meetings with Dr. Skipper or process groups

  • Wellness groups

    Mind, body and wellness groups or alumni groups

  • Dinner


  • Free time

    Free time

  • Offsite self-help meeting

    Offsite self-help meeting or alumni meeting

  • Lights out

    Lights out

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