Promises Behavioral Health Scholarship

With our Promises Behavioral Health scholarship, you can get the education you’ve wanted. To learn more about our scholarship, contact Promises Behavioral Health today. 

Why Choose Promises Behavioral Health?

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Promises Behavioral Health is an addiction treatment center community with facilities across the country. We offer an exceptional team of empathetic and expert staff members who strive to empower recovery in people just like you. Our latest approach to this goal is to offer a scholarship to those who struggle with mental health problems or addiction during COVID-19.

The scholarship’s purpose is to help support students who want to advance their studies and achievements academically. Through this one time reward, one recipient will receive $1,000 that we will submit to the university of their choice for the fall 2020 semester. Through this opportunity, we want to give you the chance to shine in the world of recovery and show that you have furthered your healing process.

How to Apply for the Promises Behavioral Health Scholarship

It is relatively easy to apply for the Promises Behavioral Health scholarship. To apply, you should submit the following information and requirements to Chrissy Petrone at [email protected] by August 31st, 2020:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your date of birth
  • Proof of enrollment or acceptance into a two or four-year university or college
  • Your GPA
  • A 1000 word essay describing the need for mental health help during the COVID-19 crisis. Within your essay, you should also explain how the Promises Behavioral Health scholarship will help you reach your career goals. Your essay should be written in your own words and voice and must be 100% unique.

We will not accept any essay submission that you send after the deadline. Moreover, we will also not accept any submissions that do not meet the required details.

If we award you the scholarship, you should be prepared to have your picture and essay published on our website and social media channels. However, if at any time we determine that your submission broke the rules or that you plagiarized it, we reserve the right to revoke your scholarship. Please do not contact Promises Behavioral Health to request an update on your essay submission status. 

Get the Treatment You Need Today

In the current COVID-19 crisis, everything may seem uncertain. Maybe you’ve been laid off because your job is “non-essential.” Perhaps your depression is getting worse, due to the fact that you’ve had to stay at home for days on end. You could also be struggling with drug or alcohol use, as you try to maintain your equilibrium despite the chaos of your circumstances. In short, you need help. If that’s the case, Promises Behavioral Health is ready to assist you. 

Are you struggling to defeat addiction and mental illness? At Promises Behavioral Health, we focus on helping people just like you. With our exemplary dual diagnosis treatment program, we offer a wide range of holistic and evidence-based treatments. Evidence-based treatments are treatments that experts in addiction treatment have extensively studied. Holistic therapies are methods that we use to treat a patient’s mind, body, and soul. With a combination of these treatments, you get the best possible chance at recovery. We offer treatment that we tailor to your unique needs so that you get the care you need. Our therapeutic options include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Group therapy

With the help of mental health and addiction treatment, you can overcome your past. Our expert treatment staff stand by to help you reach that goal. To learn more about the Promises Behavioral Health scholarship or your treatment options, contact us today at 844.875.5609

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