Professional Resources for Promises Austin

Promises Austin helps clients from Texas and also around the country. For those clients who are not currently working with a clinical addiction professional in their area, we often look for appropriate referrals in their home town. By supplying information about your practice you can become a resource in your area. Also, a member of our outreach team will contact you to discuss the types of clients you work with. This way, we can best match our clients with the appropriate professional. Clients will also be matched with Promises Austin.

Referring Clients to Promises Austin

Many professionals refer clients to our mental health and addiction treatment center in Texas because they have confidence in our rigorous addiction treatment programs and because we are true to our promise to maintain communication when the client requests we work with the professional in their home area. We value our relationships with clinicians who entrust us with the care of their clients. We know you are devoted to your clients’ recovery. So are we. That’s why we will work with them and you from start to finish. In addition, we believe in continuity of care. With their consent, we’ll keep you informed about their treatment and follow up with aftercare.

Our referring professionals regularly tell us that our intake team is the best in the field. Our admissions team will guide you and your client through the admissions process. This is done with what we like to call our “concierge” class of service. In addition, our treatment centers maintain high staff-to-client ratios. Also, due to this, we are able to provide unparalleled service and communication to our referring professionals.

Intake Assessment

We work with both the referring professional and the client to do a thorough intake assessment to ensure Promises Austin is the right clinical match for your client. This also allows us to put in place any specialized services your client might require due to specific clinical issues. If for any reason Promises is not appropriate for your client, our intake team will guide you in finding the right match for your client.

Insurance Verification

Here at Promises Austin, we want to ensure that each and every client has the availability of care. We work with a variety of insurance companies and accept a wide range of coverage. You can work with one of our professional staff members to check your rehab insurance coverage and see what programs are covered with your plan.

Our Outreach Team

Promises Austin has a phenomenal outreach team that can serve as a liaison during the admissions process, throughout the treatment period, and for the transition back to your practice.

Call us now at 1.713.528.3709 to learn more about our programs and how we can work together collaboratively to serve those with addictions and mental health disorders.