compsych rehab insurancePromise Treatment Centers are proud to accept ComPsych rehab insurance for alcohol and drug addiction treatment. If you have an insurance policy with ComPsych insurance, then you can take advantage of our treatment for both addiction and mental health disorders. Your insurance plan will cover some or all of your addiction treatment programs, depending on your policy.

If you are seeking treatment for your addiction but do not know what your insurance plan will cover, then contact Promise Treatment Centers today. We can answer your questions, look at the details of your policy, and let you know which treatment plans are available.

Detox Coverage for Substance Abuse

Rehab typically starts with a period of detox. While detox is never easy, it is a necessary step in your rehabilitation. ComPsych covers up to 80 percent of your detox costs if you use an in-network treatment center. Promise Treatment Centers are part of ComPsych’s network depending on the type of plan you have.

If you decide to go out of the network, then ComPsych still covers up to 60 percent of the costs of detox. To get coverage, you need to receive approval from a representative of the Member Assistance Program. We can help you get approved through our admission process.

How Long Does ComPsych Cover Your Treatment?

Your policy, eligibility, and treatment costs will determine how long ComPsych will cover your treatment. With that in mind, there is no maximum staying time in a rehab center. Once you have completed five sessions with your therapist, they will make a recommendation as to whether you need to stay in treatment longer.

However, your policy may max out at 180 calendar days per year. There is no maximum for outpatient services. You may also want to look at the maximum dollar amount of your policy. With that, it is important to review your copay and your deductible to determine the amount you will pay out of your pocket.

Specialty Treatment Coverage Under ComPsych

While you may feel that you deserve executive or luxury treatment, you will quickly discover that ComPsych does not provide insurance coverage for these types of facilities. The main reasons for this are because they are not necessary, but – as the name says – a luxury.

Even if some facilities are covered under the insurance, they may provide amenities or luxury services that your insurance policy will not cover. For instance, some facilities offer acupuncture, massage therapy, or high-end cuisine. These will not be covered under your insurance policy.

Inpatient and Outpatient Services

ComPsych rehab insurance coverage for inpatient and outpatient offers services such as:

These services have to be recommended by a medical professional. ComPsych covers up to 80 percent for in-network providers and 60 percent for out-of-network providers. You ComPsych plan will cover costs if you’re your therapist recommends intensive treatment or outpatient assessment.

Keep in mind that these services entail a wide range of therapies such as dual diagnosis, cognitive behavioral treatment, or dialectical behavioral therapy. They may also include both private and group therapy session.

Ask Us About ComPsych Rehab Insurance

If you have questions about your ComPsych rehab insurance policy, then contact us today. Promise Treatment Centers can answer your questions, discuss your policy, and then make recommendations on the right treatment for you. Call us at 1.713.528.3709 to get started with your treatment. We are here to help you break the cycle of addiction.