humana rehab insuranceIf you have Humana insurance, then Promises Treatment Centers welcomes you. We take Humana rehab insurance for both addiction therapy and treatment for mental health conditions. Humana offers a wide range of health insurance options that target your specific needs.

However, just because you have Humana insurance does not mean that all addiction treatment programs are covered under your policy. Also, the best way to find out what is included is to contact Humana and find out the details of your insurance coverage. A treatment specialist at Promises Treatment Centers can also help you find out which of our services is covered.

Insurance Resources for Addiction Treatment Services

One of the best things about Humana rehab insurance coverage is that you have access to a wide range of resources to insurance coverage. You can find out all you need to know about coverage for your particular situation. For instance, Humana offers services, including:

  • Direct access to providers including Promises Treatment Centers
  • Coordinating with us to provide the right type of treatment
  • Making sure you get the right help from the right provider
  • Answering your questions and addressing all of your concerns
  • Designating a single person to handle your insurance case
  • Ensuring that all of your records remain confidential

Also, they provide 24/7 access and assistance whenever you need it. We work closely with Humana to make sure that your insurance process goes smoothly from start to finish.

Services We Provide That Are Covered by Humana

There is a wide range of factors that determine what type of coverage you receive for addiction or mental health treatment. These factors include your eligibility, the type of treatment you are seeking, and what your insurance covers as outlined in your policy.

You do have the option of purchasing additional insurance for drug or alcohol addiction treatment. However, you may not be able to use it immediately. There may be a waiting period, as well as other conditions before the insurance will apply.

In most cases, Humana insurance will cover most of the treatment services we offer, including:

Again, we encourage you to discuss your current plan with either one of our treatment specialists or a Humana agent to find out what is covered.

Humana In-Network Policy

Humana plans do not cover out-of-network facilities. The good news is that Promises Treatment Centers is in the Humana networking depending on your specific policy. In addition, you can visit the Humana insurance website and look us up to find out we are in your particular network.

Keep in mind that Humana does not cover over-the-counter medications, new age therapies, luxury, private facilities, or executive treatment. Therefore, you must pay out of pocket to get that type of treatment.

Inpatient Treatment

Your plan will govern whether Humana will cover inpatient treatment and what amount of coverage is available. To get covered for your treatment, you will need a referral from an approved medical professional.

Most policies do require a copay that you must provide before the insurance kicks in. You will also have to reach your deductible before Humana pays for the remainder of your treatment expenses.

Find Out More About Humana Rehab Insurance

If you are ready to begin your treatment but have questions about your Humana rehab insurance, then feel free to contact us today. Promises Treatment Centers is here to help you get the treatment you need. Call us today at 1.713.528.3709 to meet with a treatment specialist. We can answer your questions and get you started on your treatment right away.