mhn rehab insurance

If you have MHN rehab insurance coverage through a Managed Health Network medical plan, then we’re excited to share with you that drug rehab will be much more affordable than you may think. Promises Treatment Centers offers a wide range of services that MHN rehab insurance covers. We accept your insurance and can work with you to see that you get the best coverage possible.

When you call or visit our treatment center, feel free to ask any questions about your insurance coverage. We can answer your questions and discuss your current policy. We also encourage you to contact MHN to go over the details of your plan before you seek addiction treatment programs. It is a good idea to know what is and what is not covered.

About MHN

MHN is a Health Net company. In short, they provide insurance coverage for many different types of behavioral health issues. Additionally, this company provides employee assistance programs, which is a great benefit to those who use it!

MHN’s provider network includes over 55,000 licensed practitioners and 1,400 hospitals and care facilities. As you can see, they are a very well-established insurance company. MHN has accreditation from URAC in the areas of Health Utilization Management and Health Network.

What is Covered Under Your Plan?

There are a few different types of services – both for substance abuse and mental health services – that MHN may cover. Here are a few:

Keep in mind that your insurance coverage depends on the type of plan you have and your eligibility for coverage. There will also be limits to how much your policy will cover. Therefore, you need to know the details of your coverage before you proceed with treatment.

Will Your Policy Cover Detox?

Your MHN policy may cover supervision and monitoring services during your drug and alcohol detox. It may also include other areas in a partial hospitalization program. If you have prescription medication coverage, then any medication you receive during treatment may be covered under that specific policy.

Again, the type of insurance you have and the extent of your coverage will determine if you are protected under your policy. Remember that detox will include multiple procedures and services as you go through the process. It is rarely a standalone service. However, MHN does cover some or all of your expenses, depending on your policy.

Does MHN Cover Inpatient Services?

MHN does cover inpatient or residential rehab services if you receive prior authorization from the provider. You will also receive coverage if you get a medical order for rehab, and the treatment facility is in the MHN network.

Promises Treatment Centers is in the MHN network on most policies. If you need to find out more about getting a medical order or prior authorization, feel free to ask us. We will help you through the process.

Using Your MHN Rehab Insurance Benefits

We understand that the first step in using insurance to cover your residential drug rehab can be confusing. This is exactly why our staff is available to help you through – and simplify – the process. At MHN, we will work directly with your Managed Health Network to figure out how much you will need to pay out-of-pocket, and how much your insurance will cover, for rehab.

It is important to note that MHN does require that you need to prove an urgent medical need in order to enter inpatient drug rehab. However, our team can help you through the steps so you know what information to provide.

In short, please call MHN to see what benefits we can offer you as you attend Promises, and get on the road to recovery.

MHN requires that medical necessity to be proven in order to enter inpatient drug rehab, our admissions team can help you with the steps to provide this information. Call us to see what MHN insurance benefits you can apply to Promises mental health and drug rehab treatment programs.

Contact Us Today to Find Out More About MHN Insurance

If you need to find out more about MHN rehab insurance and what treatment service we provide, then contact Promise Treatment Centers today. We are happy to discuss your treatment options and get you started. Call us at 1.713.528.3709 for a free consultation.